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What most young adults do not understand is that when they choose to drop out of their high school, it is only stealing valuable knowledge from themselves. It is obvious that the high school dropout rate is increasing rapidly. Why might the rate of high school students be increasing, and why do students make such a dramatic change on their life? Some of this may be due to the failure of a good support system in their peers and home life, lacking self-motivation and the community they come from. Having stability in the home is an indicator of success.

In more than one case a case parents have dropped out of high school themselves and the chili cited to follow in their footsteps. Dropping out of high school is particularly problematic for low income youth. Factors such as having to work to help out their families income, parents not having a way to transport their child to school or their parents having a full plate with several other children in the family as well can lead up to dropout. Many of these children in poverty situations come from non-English speaking homes.

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Understanding that there’s no money to send he or she to college results in the child having no motivation and to stop schooling all together. Being in a low income home isn’t the only way a child can be a risk of dropping out of high school. He or she can be in a family that is unsupported. The fact that most teens may not be well equipped with two strong parents that care about the consistency of their education contributes greatly to the number of students who consider dropping out of school. A child could suffer from a parent not caring about their education, therefore the child gives up also.

In In Marion Terry’s case study “The Effects that Family Members and Peers Have on Students” she claims that most regular school dropouts come from households headed by ingle or divorced parents. Children whose families are separated or divorced may not be under much academic scrutiny as a child with both parents engages in their education would. Parents can take action in their child’s education by keeping track of their grades, attending parent teacher conferences, or participating in more school activities.

When students have parents who participate in their child’s education that child is more likely to graduate from his or her high school. Being a child in violent family circumstances are most likely being raised by aunts, uncles or grandparents, ho cannot live up to their special needs because of the children they already have or old age itself. Sibling role models effect the child at home. Whether it is in the case of dropping out to help recently widowed or divorced parents, quitting to stay home with siblings, or dropping out to work full time so their parents could stay home with the other children.

Having siblings that have previously dropped out of high school can also factor into the formula. Peer relationships are an important part of every group learning situation but many adolescents have poor social skills that effect their classroom experiences. Marion Terry of Brandon university notes that… Youth at risk who have impersonal conflicts because they cannot identify with others. Students who are overweight, have an accent, or merely have difficulty speaking in front of the class receive reactions from their classmates that produces the feelings of wanting to keep distance from school.

Another reason our high school dropout rates are increasing rapidly, is due to the fact of school bullying. School bullying is a type of bullying that occurs in connection with education, either inside or outside of the school. Bullying can e verbal, physical, or emotional and is usually repeated over a period of time. Bullying causes students to have a low self-esteem about themselves and may feel as if they are helpless. Gangs, violence, drugs and pregnancy have a tremendous influence on whether they make it through high school or not.

The community is a large factor of why the dropout rates are so high. When kids come to realize that gangs, violence and drugs are a part of their everyday lives, they become familiar with it and give into the temptations. The students having limited material such as libraries being too underfeed to eave accurate information to not own any computers. In abstract of Young article “Stemming the Dropout Tide” he states that it is difficult to keep students in school when they have few ties to the community and come from families with limited resources.

Many urban high schools with low funds form the state also have the problem of not having enough resources. The communities that are places I ruin cannot provide the children with a successful four years. They lack adequate staff, technology’ and safe school grounds that leave the children destines to fail. Also, when class sizes expand o full capacity it is difficult for the student to be taught effectively with so many other adolescents in the room needing the same treatment. On the other hand, teachers aren’t providing time with their students. Patterson and Hale explained in their case study that teachers expressed they did not have enough time to work with students one on one… And meet the demands Of teaching and non-teaching. Also, Jean A. Patterson who attended Wichita State University claims that “Students indicate that teachers did not use their ninety minutes of instructional time wisely”. The community plays a wide role n how a student will come to realize that their education is an important ingredient to success in life. One cause of the dropout rates being so high is the student themselves.

High school student’s brains are undeveloped which causes them to make rash decisions. Many get involved with gangs, drugs, alcohol, and pregnancy and commit crimes which delays their graduation greatly. Many students missed so many days of school that they believed they couldn’t catch up with all the assignments. Not enough structure and rules with adolescent’s life is extremely detrimental to the young education. Allowing an adolescents to o whatever the please leads to motivation in anything that has to be worked for in the real world.

High school education has been an increasing epidemic among all adolescents in the United States. The high school dropout problem is reported that only 71 percent of students graduate from high school. Understanding the importance of the problem and the factors that impact dropout rates is important to developing effective strategies. High school students are dropping out at alarming rates every day across the country. Students choose to leave their education behind and endure a difficult journey ahead of them. Families and peer support systems play a dramatic role in whether a child will graduate in the long run.

Self-motivation and the community that children come from hold many of them back. Being in an environment where there are limited resources is detrimental to an adolescent’s educational capability. Being an adolescent in this generation entails for hard work and drive because you will go nowhere these days without education. Parents should be informed on the statistics and information involving high school drop outs because as in the saying” Today’s children are tomorrows future” you don’t want your child being the one left behind.

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