Why student drop out college Assignment

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America is one of the most serious issues we face. There many debate in the congress to how make solutions for the children of today will be leader of tomorrow, but it is still hard. Numeral Companies offers scholarship for the students with amazing GAP and the government Cuts funds money in financial aid. There is no a clear solution about financial aid or the loans. Higher is your education, is more expensive you are going to pay. Students don’t be focus to go to the universities because they know the hard that it is going to be. As a result, time and money are two important reasons why students drop out in college.

One the reason is time. Young people believe they’re doing it for a short time. Suddenly, when they realize time has passed by, they have more chores and responsibilities than before. Later, it becomes harder to get back to studies since they have their time scheduled for other matters. One of those matters could be a job or even their own family. Absence in class, numerous students miss innumerable assignments for the reason not to be enable to come to class; as a result, they fail. However you can develop a flexible schedule such as keeping your work with you.

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If you find yourself an extra time, you can get something done. Finally, students can’t work and studies in the same time, students are focus in their work to how make money, and they forget their priorities. If you are going to college, your priority is the school. There is a polemic when student they make money and they forget the school. More money they make, more bill they have to pay. For example, they buy a brand new car and they spend more time in distractions such us pa reties. Another reason is money; many students who drop out in college have to work while enrolled in college.

They often find it very difficult to support themselves and their families; they go to college at the same time. Furthermore, many of them have dependent children and enroll part-time. A lack of adequate support from parents and student aid become hard for them. The higher costs to pay college, students feel frustrated when they don’t receive financial aid. Although college has a price for in state residents, classes are still expensive. The books are still a rob from college, and students have to pay used books like brand new . Enumerable student make stake applying for a loan without no be sure what career they are going to do, as a result, they don’t complete their education and they have a money to pay back. However military brands offer students for many year paying the college and universities. Few students look the possibilities to enjoy America forces. There are numerable programs that army can help to pay your education and you don’t have to worry anything. The worst part of the army that you have make a contract with them for a least two years of service. To conclude, education is hard but no impossible.

There many solution that e can search to accomplish your goals. While the government are focus in other problems, we have to be tenacious. It is hard to say but many reports say that of students who drop out of college have incomes under $35,000, compared with only a quarter of students who graduate. The major reasons for the high dropout rate in college include financial reasons. Students who leave college report stress over current and future financial trouble. This results, the pressure to start working full time for short term financial gain rather than finishing the degree for long time.

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