Leadership Style Comparison Chart Assignment

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Leadership Style Personal Take pros Cons Application Situational Leadership I believe the situational Leadership Curve is the best representation of this model and the easiest to actually apply. It shows the leader, exactly how to approach a situation based on the needs/level of the person who will be receiving the assistance. The leader assesses the circumstance, locates the quadrant that the Individual needs and then know an entry point to begin providing support to them.

Allows for flexibility in deferent situations (prescriptive vs.. One size fits all) Stretches leader to be adaptable and not a single style of approach person. Seed in many different scenarios and has been successful in training leaders One on one settings but not for multiples No strong research to support it No correlation of how demographic information changes the dynamics of this approach No account for individuals movement from one quadrant to another This model correlates the coaching continuum that we utilize In my daily work.

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In fact, about two weeks ago, I was providing training to principals that were Interested in the topic of building a supportive environment. I actually brought up this model as a reference and we talked about its implementation and implications. Only one of he principals in the group admitted that they had heard of it before, but none of them knew it or applied it. Servant Leadership Servant leadership is when the leader puts the good of the follower/group before themselves.

An individual assessment, usually by directly asking, how can I “assist”, Is the precursor of any help provided. Personal gain Is not the motive but the growth of the Individual/organization Is the motivation. Authority Is not from the top down, but rather dictated by the needs of the follower or group. “Leader” and person/group are equally vested in the success Motivation and influence rather than domination or monitoring of people.

Leader is sometimes viewed as a being to “soft” or “naive” for bringing themselves to the same level as the people they are working with. Every situation may require serving In a different capacity; therefore It Is not a concrete lesson to teach to others. There needs to be more research done on this leadership approach. My daily work has transitioned to this way of practice. The concept of school turn around being a case by case needs assessment and actually asking the schools what they need assistance in, has not always been a practice.

It as more of pointing a finger, saying everything that was wrong and then going back to see If they fixed It or not to then give them another laundry list of things that they our sleeves and become a part of the work that needs to get done in order for us to effect change. It is well received by schools that have had a sour taste left in their mouths from past interactions with someone from our team. Transformational Leadership Transformational leadership is the ability to get people to want to change, to improve, and to be led. It involves evaluating employees’ intentions, satisfying their needs, and appreciating them. Searched greatly Is a model of integrity and fairness Sets clear goals Has high expectations Encourages others Provides support and recognition Stirs the emotions of people Gets people to look beyond their self-interest Inspires people to reach for the improbable viewed as a personality trait instead of a learned behavior leader may abuse their power these leaders sometimes struggle with detail orientation From my educational experiences, this type of leadership can be good at all levels but from a schools perspective, this is the district level leader that we need.

Eve seen several Superintendents rise and fall because of their ability to (or not to) develop a vision and inspire others to follow them toward it. This style has its place in other venues, but again, in my line of work, moving a vast number of schools requires this type of leader. I can attest for this working with Dade County Public Schools over the past few years. The popularity of individuals and ideas may not have been much, but the charisma of the leaders to sway people to look at the bigger picture for the future of the district has to be one of the biggest feats Eve witnessed.

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