Democratic Style of Leadership Assignment

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Propose and justify a style of leadership that would be most effective in this 3 day/night expedition at the Blue Mountains for a group of year 11 students. The appropriate style of leadership is the democratic style. A group of year 1 1 students are too young and inexperienced for a laissez-fairer style of leadership, too inexperienced for a strategic non-intervention, yet too old for an autocratic style leadership. A democratic style of leadership relies on participation of the whole group. The leader may call for a vote among the group and the majority wins.

On the other hand, the leader may make a decision based on the majority of views without conducting a vote. This style is very ‘open’ and ideas are discussed openly. The leader may try to persuade the group to achieve consensus and encourages employees to be a part of the decision making and to share ideas. The democratic leader keeps their group informed about everything that affects them and shares the problem solving responsibilities. This leader has the final say, but gathers information from participants before making a decision.

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The participants ill like the trust they receive and respond with cooperation, team spirit, and high morale. Typically the democratic leader allows participants to establish goals, encourages them to gain experience and recognizes and encourages achievement. The democratic leadership style is the best and most appropriate style for the students. It allows them to be heard, giving confidence to students through the leaders approachability. It also allows them to give their opinions and use their own experience.

This style also gives the group responsibility ND ownership of the decision they make, also allowing the students to learn through experience. Students will also be better informed due to the two-way communication. The participation can result in high motivation of members of the group, and will feel more committed to group goals. The students may also develop individual abilities through participation. The democratic style of leadership allows for a wider range of options identified, where, with the leader’s judgment, the safest and best methods will be chosen, in a fair way.

Year 1 1 dents will find the democratic style of leadership to be the fairest and most suitable as at their age of 16-17, they all have ideas that should be heard, with a leader to keep the peace. This style of leadership is most effective for year 11 students, ensuring their safety, minimizing conflict and giving everyone an opportunity and experience.

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