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Learning is an active, collaborative and process where, personal responsibility is essential to ongoing growth development. Identify effective study and time management habits, the most important things to do to manage time are to get organized. By planning to track your days, include all your appointments and to do list in the planner, when you study the most effective use of your time you spending study the most effective rather the quantity or amount of time you spend studying reference these dates regularly to plan your study schedule.

Good study habits means I should keep accurate notes, organize my work well and perhaps most important finding a way to best manage my time. It’s going to take creativity and sacrificing some personal time you would otherwise spend doing something relaxing prioritize your time and your responsibilities so that you can achieve something that is going to take you that much closer to your reward. The biggest motivation that you have is within yourself and that’s something that no one else can take from you.

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Study skill will help a few characteristic, creativity, dedication, punctuality and self- spieling study yourself is also challenging your intelligence and the way that you want progress with your education. Study time management and habits. Time management is essential, and if you do not take it into consideration then you are going to set your work and your life completely off balance I have create a schedule pertaining to my study time when I’m on the computer to do assignments and so on.

Learning styles, when acknowledge my own learning style and how important it is to reconcile then I can work on my own tankards, on my own time, limit it isn’t a matter of time but how much effort is put forth while I’m learning memorizing and putting knowledge into effect, through audio, visual, or active learning most important thing is repetition and review. Distinguish between multiple intelligences and learning styles. I accept that different intelligences predominate in different people it suggests that all learning task may not be appropriate for some intelligence has traditionally been defined in terms of intelligence.

We apply these intelligence theory multiple intelligence theory outlines eight intelligence. Identify new learning processes within the framework of personal responsibility and accountability, within the framework there are strands or areas of general focus. How are new teachers inducted and support in a manner that helps them to successful how are professional learning opportunities provided to meet identified accountability, the process by which education. In developing the framework identified many audience that are served by learning and focus on accountability performance.

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