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Commentary: In the flirts passage, the reader comes across a scene that Bradbury paints quite vividly of the dull, gray setting of Montage’s home while reading the bible, we presume. The rain seems to be another symbol of the sheer dullness and sadness of it all. Guy and Mildred sit reading in the hall because “the parlor was dead” and was “empty and gray looking”. It captures the true Identity of the parlor walls, In that there Is really no color, every “exciting” It radiates Is fictional. 1 .

Diction: “Long, cold, fell, quiet, empty, gray-looking, dead, blank, paced, black”. All of the words have the same connotation, dark and dreary. The house is not a happy place even with the artificial color and life of the parlor walls. 2. Images: Vivid appeals to the senses are numerous throughout the selection. The uses of dark, solemn adjectives emphasize the lonely boringness of the Montage house. 3. Details: A key fact that is included, which stands out from the dreariness of the rest of the passage, Is the sentence about the bright colors of the parlor walls.

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It wows that they are fake, imagined, and that they only serve to temporarily light up the mood. 4. Language: The overall use of language Is clinical, used to paint a clear vivid, and in this case dark and distasteful picture for the reader. 5. Syntax: The sentence structure Is similar In that they all describe multiple things moving. Never is something sitting still. 6. TONE: Author’s attitude toward the subject is best described as dreary, bland. The tone of the book so far has been quite gray, there is not much life in people, save Claries, and it is difficult to like anybody at all, even Montage, the protagonist.

It can be inferred that the book was Indeed written by an eccentric man such as Ray Bradbury, and It Is Interesting yet somewhat annoying reading this piece of work called Fahrenheit 451. However It must be said that the author does do a fantastic job of getting the reader to absolutely hate this modern world of Montage’s, from the horror of everything about Mildred to the emptiness of daily life, Bradbury tone for the overall book is a sort of blandness, with a glimmer of hope and excitement in the very center of it all. 2) Commentary: In the second selection, Bradbury recounts the meeting between

Montage and Faber that had happened a while ago, but was one of the memories Montage found strange enough to keep. The meeting with Claries had Montage thinking back to this incident. In the clause, “when he finally lost his fear of Montage”, the reader can tell that Montage carries his profession of fireman around with him and possibly even flaunts It. People are wary of him, as Claries was when they first met. Faber tells Montage a poem, about really being alive. Alive”. 2. Images: Looking at the sky and trees and the green park, cadenced voice, spoke these words gently, “l know I’m alive”. Details: The inclusion of the park has a somewhat soothing, peaceful effect. Left coat pocket. Poetry. 4. Language: The use of language paints abstract ideas via poetry and Montage is unsure what to make of Faber at the time. 5. Syntax: “… Looking at the sky and the trees and the green park”. Good to see humans haven’t banished recreation and green stuff like grass. Sentences are varied; Barber’s poem starts with “l” three times. 6. TONE: The tone is mysterious, and intriguing. And is so in the rest of the novel. The book is weird. The reader must approach it with an open mind.

Yes, it was written like fifty years ago but still, weird. Barber’s transition from scared little old man, to courageous orator of poetry is Just absolutely astoundingly impressive in every way. The details help the reader better picture the surroundings of the encounter, and Barber’s reciting of poetry is intriguing and abstract. 5) Commentary: Faber and Montage discuss Montage copy of the bible at Barber’s house. Faber stresses the importance of the book and goes on to make several unique statements regarding the beauty, the life of the book.

The choppiness of the ententes spoken by Faber shows how excited he is and he happily blabbers on to Montage about what good writers do with life, what mediocre writers do with life, and what bad writers do with life. 1 . Diction: “Quality, texture, pores, features, life, streaming, infinite, profusion, details, ‘literary, rape. ” The words are all associated with the first, quality, uniqueness, and beauty. Well, all except for the last one, obviously, which I thought was kind of inappropriate for school, I think we should consider banning this book from the world. 2. Images:

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