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There in America is not one person who can be found with the same blood origin running through the veins. My neighbor across from me is Chinese and my next door neighbors are Russian with a tint of Japanese dating back from the beginning of the 20th century when Russia was found to be at war with Japan. They are Americans who came to America in hopes of living a better and more peaceful life. The same can be found with others who came to America.

Many came to America in hopes of escaping the religious revivals happening at home in order to escape persecution. These immigrants ere aware that America wasn’t a judge for the many different religions that existed and the many different groups of people who exist. So when Europeans were being persecuted because of the way they practiced their religion in the 1 sass many of these “New Immigrants” came to America hoping to practice religion the ways they wanted to.

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America held nothing against those who had differing outlooks on life and held nothing against those who were of different ethnicities because unlike many European countries, America has had its civil war which led to an outright acceptance of people who looked different and were oftentimes considered inferior. Scenario 2 : There were a few cases of people who had difficulty adapting to America because America had different traditions along with customs that were celebrated back at home.

America, for one, had a different language than what many were use to speaking. However the English language was new to every immigrant and soon immigrants were reassured that because of the English language, hope still existed in ‘unionizing together’ and becoming one big family/ civilization. Each immigrant had their own unique story of what made them come to America and if Statisticians were to take census of all the people living in America they realize that all Americans each have their own individual story of what brought them to America.

Not only did people just come to America (more than often) hoping to escape problems at home, but this same diverse group of people didn’t forget to bring a little big of “home” with them. American traditions and customs were savored yet these people who came to America managed to preserve a little bit of home tit them. Traditions and customs that were oftentimes celebrated home were brought to America and some of these traditions from home even managed to integrate into the American life.

For instance if one was to examine the architecture that exists in America vs.. The architecture that exists throughout Europe or even throughout the world they would notice similarities in the ways many things are built both in Europe and America. This concept applied on a greater scale explains how traditions and practices such as Marci Grass and Sinks De Mayo are practiced in America. America is made up of those who come from many places wanting to start anew a life that wasn’t possible for them back home.

If it wasn’t for the desired passages into America that both the poor and rich alike aimed for, America wouldn’t be diverse and daily we wouldn’t be seen pledging our allegiance to God because if traditions weren’t passed down religion wouldn’t have been either. America is a place where people of different languages and of different modes of worship come to act together as one knowing fairly well that they won’t be coked down or turned down based on how they act or based on what they believe in.

Scenario 3 : Many may argue that Thomas Paine is wrong to characterize. America as a nation with a diverse group of people because these people believe that ethical enclaves prevent America from uniting the poor, the rich, and the many ethnicities that are seen daily. They believe that America is split in the sense that the poor tent to favor the poor and because the rich tend to favor themselves. These people are incorrect to claim that, because such ” favoring’ happens, America isn’t unionized.

Whether we watch the sports or whether we decide to flip through the latest fad on the Olympics we then are capable of seeing exactly how united America stands. The same latest fad we see on television is the same latest fad the rich see on their televisions. Whether a person is rich, poor, black, or even white all are treated the same way and all are noticeably united. For when at any “big” sports event or when deciding on any big decision that positively impacts America. We see people room all races and from all different nationalities rise up and stand to make their words be heard.

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