Honesty and Justice in the Criminal Justice System Assignment

Honesty and Justice in the Criminal Justice System Assignment Words: 627

We cannot assure that all individuals in the legal system will use integrity and moral values when doing their Jobs, but our legal system. I believe that every case is different and we cannot assure that honesty is maintained and still do Justice. For example, every police officer is different and you have those that lie to help catch criminals and those bad cops that lie and use their authority in a negative manner. There will be police officers who go undercover and sell drugs to catch big time drug dealers, and therefore this type of lying is positive cause it is for the good of our streets.

It is best to be in the situation up close and personal because you can see how the offenders operate and it is easier to catch them. Then you have those officers who use their authority is a negative manner and they do not use ethics in the decisions they make. These kinds of cops are the reason as to why all police officers do not have the best name. It is hard to trust all of them, when they are supposed to be the people who are to protect us. I do not think that Justice can be accomplished while maintaining honesty because o must think like a criminal in order to catch a criminal.

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Criminals will think of every way to commit a crime and get away with it, so the police must be on top of this state of mind to be able to build a case and apprehend these criminals. Coming up with effective strategies to fight crime has always been a debate. The primary goals of the criminal Justice system “can be categorized into two very distinct missions: (1) the need to enforce the law and maintain social order, and (2) the need to protect people from injustice” (http://defenestration’s. Com/article. HTML).

The first goal is referred to as the crime control model and was developed by Herbert Packer and presented to the academic world in his analysis of the criminal justice system in the sass’s. [2] This model places an emphasis and priority upon the aggressive arrest, prosecution, and conviction of criminals. The second goal is quite the opposite focusing upon protecting the individual rights of the accused and is commonly referred to as the due process model” (http://defenestration’s. Com/ article. HTML). The ethical implications of these models are on two different astringents because hey can always be in conflict with each other.

This conflict causes the system to have to make a decision as to what procedures to take, and when a decision cannot be made, then the problems may never be effective. “To some the decision is black or white arguing that only one of the two goals can be effectively pursued. Unfortunately, such a perspective is a common symptom of political influence. After all, police agencies are government entities and therefore generally have no choice but to answer and conform to changing political will” (http://defenestration’s. Com/

In conclusion, “As you can see America has a lot of problems with dishonest people and no matter what anyone tries to do to make people be more honest and have a high integrity there will always be the people who don’t care” (http:// www. Gatehouse. Com/essay/importance-integrity-and-honesty-criminal-]justice- field#sheikdom’s). This lack of caring is the result of so many issues and the need for so many policies and procedures to be implemented. ” It is impossible to know what the future holds in respect to the American Justice system. The future is often determined not by our intentions but by the uncontrollable events we

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