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Ethics development comes from many different areas of a person’s life including surroundings, people, life events and situations. Morals come from within and allow us to make right and wrong choices in our lives. People of different cultures and nationalities have different views on what is right and wrong and how they view something in an ethical way. People grow up with teachers, babysitters and parents who all incorporate different values and morals into our lives. Traumatic events such as death or injury play an important role in our values and character.

Life consisted of Lutheran church and Catechism on Sunday with classes to follow. The baptism of a child meant that you had a secure place in Heaven and didn’t have to worry what took place after death. Life consisted of two parents, one who was the disciplinary, and one who was not. A father with a value system that you obeyed your parents and did what you were told. A babysitter, who felt the need to abuse the children when the parents were absent in order to make the children behave including physically pulling the child’s hair.

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A family friend attempted to rape an eleven year old while babysitting developed some unwanted character. Morals and values develop due to different scenarios in life which some we have intro over and some we do not. My ethical system would be Duty-based with a moral obligation to act in a certain way. These values and morals were instilled in me before I learned from my parents or the leaders to follow. The writer’s values are in church and helping the less fortunate and the youth that are in need of discipline in their lives.

My lessons in life did not deter my belief in God and the knowledge of right and wrong. I went to a Church of God at the age of 15 and became aware of Salvation. I was very close with the pastor and his wife and learned that there was a efferent way to live without abuse and feelings of unworthiness. My morals all of my life with my value system now made sense to me. My outside authority being God Almighty and knowing that even in the event of doing wrong I have a secure place in Heaven someday. The ability of a human being to always do what is right is impossible.

Humans have the ability to make choices right or wrong and are held was no longer running from an abusive father or self absorbing boyfriends. My decision to go to college was based on having a child at the age of 20 and becoming a very young and single parent. My son changed my value system and made me aware that the things I valued as important were no longer important. My morals I was following had to change based on new life that I did not want to follow the decisions I was making. The workplace allowed me to develop the kindness I had inside that I was unable to let out growing up.

I let down the walls of mistrust and abuse and put my values and morals into the patients I cared for. My compassion for the sick and injured was intense and my empathy was overfull at times. I worked in an environment that put people were placed behind bars and with the compassion I felt for people it did not low for growth. I was often told that I was not on the same level with the people I arrested or took care. My anger issues from an abusive father allowed me the courage and strength along with the compassion to be a very good officer.

I wasn’t scared of anything due to the things I had survived throughout my life. I was tough enough to handle the bad guy but compassionate enough to keep my morals and beliefs to myself and not be Judgmental. In the correction system the morals of the officer were entirely different from the people he or she looked after. The events that took place to incarcerate individuals kook place from an organization called the Justice system and without this correct action in a particular situation the world would be very dangerous to live in. It was imperative to keep my own values and morals in a professional manner.

Inmates were the Job I had and it was not my Job to Judge them this had already taken place in the court system. Ethics are necessary in organizations to achieve its directions and goals. People could not be effective in the workplace if they placed their own values and morals on everyone else. The Ethics of a corporation will determine what you as an individual ill follow and allow. The value system of the corporation you work for must follow your ethics and morals or will prove to be difficult and will go against your better judgment.

The ethics of a particular employment is something that should be looked at prior to taking a Job. The oath as an officer to take someone’s life was ethically k at that point in my life. My ideas and value systems changed over time and at this point in my life I would not be able to ethically take that oath. Duty-based ethical system is a system of obligation to do the right thing. It involves knowing what is right or wrong ND doing what you think is right. It is determined by your outside authority which is God in this writer’s paper.

People and events are what shape the values and character of an individual into whom they are. Ethics are a necessary part of people’s lives and it is the way we choose to make our decisions that shapes an individual. Terrine, L. K. , Nelson, K. A. (2011). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (5th deed. ). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Josephs Institute(2009). Six pillars of character. Retrieved from Josephs Institute Web site: http://]supersensitive. Org/ spillers. HTML

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