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Even so, everybody looks to agree that some behaviors are perpetually or typically criminal. That however social expectations are approved and laws come to be created. This suggests that the thought of crime ought to embrace any behaviors that are not outlined by law or the political method. It views crime as any delinquent act that has to be pent-up to take care of society. (CSS) Society uses common models to see what a criminal act is. The Justice System has two models: consensus Model and Conflict Model.

The consensus model is employed by the Criminal Justice System (CSS) and it shows that the majority Of society hares identical values and beliefs. This model works on the belief that once individuals form as a society they’re going to have identical morals and beliefs. They come to an agreement of what are the final norms and values. According to the consensus Model, crime is something that goes against the values and beliefs of society, and is damaging to society. Any person(s) that performs an act or action that goes against these values and beliefs are considered a threat to society and needs to be prosecuted.

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Deviant behavior is controlled and prevented by the laws that society passes. The Conflict Model is the model that is used to confirm the content of criminal law. This model is set by those who hold economic, political, and social power within the community. What’s believed to be criminal activity that is set by whichever one among these groups that hold power? Every phase of society (social class, age, income, and race), can have completely different value systems and shared normality. Each of the society segments is in a constant struggle to own the power in society.

There are unities that don’t have a political access to power and their interest areas, s that they’ re not served by the criminal justice system. The choice theory has the idea that everyone in society chooses their behavior. Someone will or can choose the behavior of a law-abiding citizen or can decide to choose the criminal behavior. The speculation is believed that an individual’s behavior is controlled by the fear factor of punishment. Criminal behavior can be controlled better if the punishments for the crime committed were extremely severe in nature.

This theory believes that social control ought to have four main objectives: prevent all criminal activities; to eave committed lesser crimes; a criminal to not use additional force than necessary; to proven crime as cheaply as attainable. The choice theorists beliefs that criminals decide where they’re going to commit a criminal offense by location. As an example, many criminals opt for price homes for property crime and some criminals may choose lower income housing for violent crimes. Criminals study the crime they’re about to commit and plan accordingly before acting upon, with the intentions to get away with the criminal activity . Fifth learn the techniques they will avoid being featured before or in the act of criminal activity, and here’s where the choice theory will come in if they organize the crime. There are five goals that the criminal justice system is aiming for, and they are as followed: deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, rehabilitation, and restoration (CSS). All of these goals serve a purpose within all levels of the justice system. The goal for deterrence is when individuals fear that they will be captured and punished, they are less likely to interact in any criminal activity.

When an individual is incarcerated, the justice system is removing hat person out Of society and reduce the ability for that person to commit anymore crimes. One of my favorite goals is rehabilitation, to reform or teach an offender. This will help the Offender to adapt themselves back to society, and restoration also is somewhat similar. But this goal helps the offender and the victim or victims or a community as a whole. It allows the offender, victims or community time to heal from whatever the occurrence committed. (CSS) When asked my thoughts on whether the criminal justice system is really a system? Ink that in fact the criminal justice system is a “system,” that is ever changing. But I don’t believe that the criminal justice system will work for everyone when it comes to corrections, and rehabilitating an individual. I think that people learn on different levels. I think that the criminal justice system can be unfair at times when it comes to convictions, investigations, and sentencing an individual. I there was less bias in the criminal justice system, I think that the criminal justice system would be better than how it is now.

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