Advertising and Its Images Assignment

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Clearly after reviewing this ad it is Obvious that its target audience would be that of an adult who is surrounded by children. One may even go as far to say that it’s target could be anyone with a heart The image of the child screaming as he is being suffocated by what appears to be a clear plastic bag is gut wrenching, and it is UN-engine. It reaches deep down into one’s psyche and make them demand an answer to the question “WHY? “. Drawn in to the advertisement’s harshness, the consumer then reads the fine print underneath the child’s face, “Smoking isn’t just suicide. Its murder. These six title words are bold; and they can make the audience take a second look at this child’s face to realize that he is suffocating in a cloud of cigarette smoke. While flipping mindlessly through a magazine at her five year olds soccer game, a mom notices this ad and it grabs her by the throat and lets her know that she or someone she knows is killing her child. Some may say this advertisement isn’t harsh enough, especially those being a part of an anti smoking campaign. While others may say this ad is just too much, maybe those who this ad was intended for. It pulled at just the right heart-string to strike a nerve.

The advertisement did its job. Jim Fowlers states in his essay, Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals, that “and advertising message contains something primary and primitive, and emotional appeal”. He goes on in his essay to describe his fifteen basic appeals related to advertising. Every advertisement has a meaning behind it. It is set up and structured in a way to grab an audiences attention so that the consumer may fall prey to it. Advertisements are designed to reach an emotional connection with the audience and draw them into the marketer’s world. Of the fifteen appeals that Peoples explains, two of them relate to the

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CONIC advertisement, the need to nurture and the need to gaggers. Peoples speaks of advertisements showing affection and our need to nurture in his essay, he also points out “the need to take care of small defenseless creatures, children and pets”. The child in the CONIC advertisement is screaming for someone to help him, someone to nurture him. Our need to gaggers in also invoked with the CONIC advertisement. It makes the audience want to stand up and fight for Cognac’s cause, to defend this helpless little boy. 2 Will this ad work? The answer could be yes and no, actually. Will it do it’s job in getting the readers attention?

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