Steps for Advertising Campaign Assignment

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First step to be consider when developing advertising campaign is Identification of the target audience. It is very important to understand your audience and what are their needs. There researcher’s job becomes crucial to understand the mind of the audience that advertisement could be related to specific target. Second step is to Establish message and budget objectives. Objectives for message and budget have to be steady. Message objectives have to informative, persuasive and reminding.

Budget objectives has to be set to allocate affordable percentage of the money that can be spend on that particular advertise. Third step is to Design add. Creativity is a big part of this step. There has to be combination of what to say and how to say it in the end meeting the desired objectives. Art directors, copywriters, photographers play a major role in this step. Forth step of the advertising process is to Pretest what add will say. The purpose of this step is to try to minimize mistakes.

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It can be done be testing the reactions before add is placed for truth function. Research has to be done to be sure that product’s market, consumers and competitors are correctly defined. Copy testing is done in this step, to measure how effective add is. Fifth step is to Choose the media(s) type and media schedule. Aperture (the best window) has to be determined in this step. It is crucial to know when and where the target audience can be reached.

Perfect timing of the message delivery is the main role in this step. Final sixth step in this process is to Evaluate the advertising. In this step has to be determined that advertisement is effective and it going to serve the purpose. The impact of the message has to be set to its highest potential. Post testing is a best way to do it. Communication about the product it self and what has to be sad about it is a very important detail for company to succeed at advertising.

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