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This paper also discusses how the influential the trends effect the surroundings society. It also talks about the recent and future trends. Trends are like fads they always change with the time that changes. It also will explain the contemporary issues affecting the criminal justice system. Past Trends There is an old saying that states what happens in the past should stay in the past. This is not a good saying when it comes to policing because in the past society felt safe around police. Back in the early 1 sass the police officer would walk the street and patrol the neighborhood on foot.

They would stand and talk to the community and get to know the ones that they help protect. This was the time when the society would rely on the police officer. They knew each other by their first name. This is also when the community felt the police officer cared and it was not just a job to them. By the middle of the sass the technology evolved and so did the criminal justice system. There were two-way radios, patrol cars and telephones. These new technology changed the way of policing major. The police officer was removed from foot patrol and begins to patrol in cars.

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They were even a two way radio and the citizens were told now to call the police anytime that there were an emergencies or problem. This kept the police officer from the citizens on the streets and was having them handle more personal problems inside the home. With the evolution the citizens felt that the police were no longer visitors but outsiders in their own community. This was the start of a new trend of policing and gave them direction on how policing is now with in the communities. Present Trends As we all know the technology affected the relationship between the police officers and the community.

They no longer walk the streets. They don’t talk face to face they use radios and phones. We also have surveillance cameras everywhere it is like they are taken over the police officers job. All of these help the police officer out because they can catch more criminals and traffic violators. With the new technology evolving we are all affected and we all benefit from it. Society relies on the criminal justice system to the furthest. The relationship between the community and the criminal justice system is based on trust. This makes for a hard relationship because it is hard to gain he trust of someone.

We should not expect the criminal justice system to get every little wrong doer though we do. So if the criminal justice was to slip up once there goes the trust. Future trends As time moves so does the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system continues to improve their policing every day to help communities stay and feel that they are safe. The only way that the criminal justice can actually move forward and still be organized and plan ahead. With every new technology that comes there will be pros and cons as of before.

There is talk about how technology is going to come up with physical evidence to play a bigger part of the criminal justice system. They even are coming up with more ways to get DNA and other ways to identify the suspect. The future of the criminal justice trends are promising because there will always be need for the criminal justice. The more the community works with the criminal justice system the more technology one can come up with to help make the world safe. Contemporary Issue The major contemporary issue that the criminal justice is facing is trying to pep up with the latest technology that has been created or found.

They have to prepare them whole system for what has changed. They also have to train those that do not know what it is about. This can be very time consuming. Trends are like fads they are changing every day. They can get caught up just to have to learn the next trend. This makes it difficult for the criminal justice system to keep up with the daily trends of the community. The criminals of today’s society find new ways to go around the criminal justice system. Then they CSS has to find that loop whole and cover it so it won’t happen again.

The more that the rules change the harder it is for the CSS to catch the criminal because of the freedom rules. By the time the CSS has caught up with the criminal’s trends they may have moved on and created another one. There are many differences and similarities to the past present and future trends. The more we evolve the more we need the criminal justice system. There is not a day that goes by that there is not some type of crime in the world. Some of the trends that are found help then there are some that make it hard for the criminal justice system.

No matter how hard it is the criminal justice yester moves right along with the society and does not complain. Some things from the past should have made it in the present or to the future. In the small towns there should still be a police officer that walks around the streets. This will help the relationship between the society and the criminal justice system. The police officers that don’t even just stop to say hi are the ones that are not trusted. In some society’s the police officer are known because they could be called for a little problem and still help were there are others that are mean and gripe because they were not needed.

The value of the criminal justice system in the changing of society The value of the criminal justice system cannot be measure because the criminal justice system is needed no matter how much we have changed. The further the technology goes the more the CSS is needed because of the problems technology brings. The criminal justice system does not have a price because without it America would not be controlled and there would be total chaos because we would not feel safe in our own house. The criminals would do what they want because they would not be stopped. They would take what they want, kill who hey want or torture anyone they please.

Just because a lawless world sounds wonderful does not mean that it is. Society changes constantly so this should make them realize how valuable the criminal justice is to them. They help the society make the changes without the stresses and set back that could happen. They help prevent the ones from stopping the change. No matter how big the change is it does not stop the criminal justice system from taking on the problem and making society a safer and better place to be. Conclusion The past present and future trends of the criminal justice show trends that re constantly changing.

The criminal justice system will and has never stopped protecting the society around it. The challenges and visions of the technology have yet to be found but the criminal justice system will never give up and stop protecting us. There will always be problems with the criminal justice system and the society because there will always be that one person who does not trust the criminal justice system. No matter how hard they have to work or worked in the past present or future trends they will never get the criminal justice system down they will pull through and help to keep safe no matter what.

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