Criminal justice Assignment

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It is reactive and incident driven rather than proactive and preventative. Also random patrol is not successful in lowering crime nor increases the probability of a suspect being caught. Crime prevention is achieved through mere police presence. Negative interaction between the community and police is generally the norm. . Define some of today’s new police strategies, such as hot spots policing, intelligence-led policing (LIP), and predictive policing. Hot spot policing is geographic based and presents a strong supported police practice in the United States today. It is when more officers are dispatched in a certain area because the crime rate is high. A map is necessary and on the map, there are colored dots on the area that has the most crime rates.

Intelligence led policing is another police strategy being looked at because it provides an alternative when there is little resources. It arose from the 911 terrorist attacks and it focuses on offenders rather than crime incidents. It uses crime analysis to prevent crimes. Predictive policing is when an officer predicts that n offense is going to be committed before it happens. 10. What has been the impact of information technologies on the police?

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Information technologies have taken a new vital dimension role that analyzes, in addition it stores and maintenances information of the past and present. It is more flexible ranging for support for quick officer field inquiries to longitudinal mapping of a precise neighborhood to an exact managerial performance measurement. Some technologies that is in use today are Internet, natural language application, computer science applications, robotics, and cognitive science application. Criminal justice.

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