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There are three main types of pollution: air, water, and noise. My Speech will be focusing mainly on air pollution. Generally any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere that has damaging effects on living things and the environment is considered air pollution. Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. By reducing air pollution levels, we can help countries reduce the global problem of disease from breathing infections, heart disease, and lung cancer.

The lower the levels of air pollution In a city, the better breathing (both long- and short ERM), and circulatory health of the population will be. Indoor air pollution is estimated to cause approximately 2 million premature deaths mostly in developing countries. Almost half of these deaths are due to pneumonia in children under 5 years of age. Urban outdoor air pollution is estimated to cause 1. 3 million deaths worldwide per year. Those living in middle-income countries excessively experience this burden.

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Exposure to air pollutants is largely beyond the control of individuals and requires action by public authorities at the national, regional and even international levels. The Key findings in the Air Quality Guidelines are as follows: There are serious risks to health from exposure to PM (Particulate Matter) and 03 (Ozone) in many cities of developed and developing countries. It is possible to develop a quantitative relationship between the pollution levels and specific health outcomes.

This allows invaluable insights into the health improvements that could be expected if air pollution is reduced. Even relatively low concentrations of air pollutants have been related to a range of adverse health effects. Poor indoor air quality may pose a risk to the health of ever half of the world’s population. In homes where biomass fuels and coal are used for cooking and heating, PM levels may be 10-50 times higher than the guideline values.

Significant red suction of exposure to air pollution can be achieved through lowering the concentrations of several of the most common air pollutants emitted during the combustion of fossil fuels. Such measures will also reduce greenhouse gases and contribute to the easing of global warming. The average life expectancy in India is sixty five years, while in other countries it is above eighty. Fifty eight percent of Indian’s population relies on lid fuels while twenty percent of the population of other countries rely on solid fuels.

In my opinion, everyone can help reduce their carbon footprint (the amount of emissions you produce on a daily basis) by taking simple steps such as walking to the grocery store instead of going by car. In conclusion, air pollution is a big global problem that everyone needs to help stop by reducing the use of products that produce harmful chemicals to the environment.

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