World War I and Philip Assignment

World War I and Philip Assignment Words: 379

All six of the gang were, like usual, sitting by the town’s post office’s compound wall, neatly dressed, and waiting for the ladies to come out of the neighboring tailoring class. And Andy in particular, was certainly the most nervous amongst them six. He had decided that he was going to talk to her that day. And for this one meeting, he had written, rewritten and practiced a baker’s dozen times, what he was going to say to her. But the moment she came out with her friends, the moment he saw her, he went blank.

Lucille and her friends walked past the gang and s Andy had hoped, Lucille was walking in the extreme left, farthest from him. He walked up to her from behind and called her. She turned back, fortunately the rest of her group did not hear him, or at least they appeared so. “Hey… Eh… (she smiled)… L want to… Eh… L Just wanted to talk to you. ” miss” she said, and that was the first time he had heard her voice and never before had he heard one more pleasant. *** Philip had rehearsed this scene with Victor and Brad Just last night, like all of the ten nights before.

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After a lot of calculation, he chose the Andy-Lucy Circle outside the allege gate. Through knowledge passed on through generations, he knew that this circle was, and had been the hotshot for proposals. Approvals of genuine lovelorn advances and rejections of youthful guts by assumed mature decision-making, this circle had seen them all, year in and year out. Philip felt a bit uncomfortable, with no idea why he was imagining generations of couples, watching him from above – how he was going to fare with his proposal today. “Okay. Chill mate. You can do it. ” He said to himself.

He walked up to the circle and positioned himself near it, Just as he had rehearsed. Then she came, Laurie, along with her group of friends. She walked past him. But he wasn’t facing her. He was facing the other side in fact. He was looking at a small decorated stone, in the centre of the circle; he had never noticed it before.

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