World War I and Unforgettable War Assignment

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Another way they are different is one was more destructive than th other World War II was very much worse than World War I . Lastly they both had different tech n ology. Most people focus on how much both wars are so much alike. Such as who the war s were between; france, Germany. Mainly people do not realize ho w much they are different. Both wars are different in many ways but here are just a few things that made a major impact on what made them different. War is an unforgettable time. WorId War I and World War II is just something n history that taught us what we do not want to happen again. Just like how World War began.

The trigger of world war was an unforgettable time in history. June,28th, 1914 th e assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the trigger of World War I on July 28th 1914. Ex actly one month after the Assassination. World War I made a big mess and damaged many thi ngs. This is one reason World War I and World War II are very much different. The start of Wo rld War Iwas different than World war II. World War II began on September,lst, 1939. Adolf Hitler was the reasoning of this war he did not follow the treaty of versailles. Hitler had secr etly made an army and compromised with France and Britain about taking land.

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This lead to the ost horrifying war in history. World war II lead to a nightmare that no one should have to live thr ough so many lives were taken. So many families were ripped apart, Children were killed it was the most terrifying time in history. This is some of the reason why World War I and Wo rld War II are Different. There were many lives taken during both World War and World War II. Most people call World War II the “Bloody war” because of so many lives that were taken. World War II was a very Horrifying war. Many families were destroyed and many did not survive . Adolf Hitler wanted all Germans.

Hitler hated the Jewish he felt that they took away value from others. Hitler had a very bad over look of Jews. Hitlers Solution of getting rid of them was to evacuate them. Hitler got the SS officers to go to the jews homes and take them from them. T heywere all moved to concentration camps. Women were killed immediately in the gas chambers . The men suffered. They were tattooed with numbers on their arms. The Allies found out what th ey were doing and they went to war and tried to help the poor people that Hitler was suffering. D uring World War II there were more than fifty million people that were killed.

World War II was m uch more Horrifying than World War l. Some people do not realize how bad World War I was. World War was pretty bad but not as horrible as World War II. These are just a few reason why World War II much worse than World War I. During World War they did not have really reliable weapons. They did not ha ve the correct technology to build easy movable weapons. A powerful weapon like th e machine gun had to have four to five men to fire it. In the beginning of World War I they firs t used tanks but they only carried four people and went four miles per hour.

By the end of Wo rld War I They had tanks that could carry up to ten men and went five miles per hour. By the tim e World War II they had created bigger and better weapons. They had small weapons such as pist ols. They also had machine guns like they did in World war but they were hand held and easier to carry around during war. During World War II they had came up with more destructive wea pons such as:the hand grenade,flame thrower(which they also had in World War l),and many m ore weapons used. Each weapon originated in different place like Japan, Germany,France, and Bri ain and possibly some others.

In reality World War II had better technology to create weapons they had so much anger built they knew what they wanted to do with them. The technology is w hat made the war so dangerous because there were so many different types of weapons. The te chnology is what helped Hltler torment those millions of Jews. Without the technology he could not have killed those people. It helped him build those gas chambers and also helped destro y people’s outlook on the world after all he put them through. Both wars were very dangerous beca use the weapons hey had.

Over all World War II had better weapons and thought of things not really in a good way in germany. These are just a few examples on how World War II had bett ertechnologyto build weapon. Never is war a good thing but war has made big difference in our world today. There are still war in our world today but hopefully never again a World War. World War I was not as horrifying as World War II but we do not want anything like it again. There wer e millions and millions of lives taken but at that time no one cared. Why was World War I diff erent from World War II? World War I began because Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

World War II b egan because Adolf Hitler did not keep his word and broke the Treaty of Versailles. They Als o started at different times. World War I started in 1914 and ended 1918 when germany fi na Ily Surrendered. World War II started in 1 939 and ended in 1945. Lastly the wars were different because they had different technology. They had different ways Of thinking. During World War I they did not have as great technology as they did in World War II. One reason they had better t echnology was because it was later on people had time to plan for another war.

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