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Although Winston Churchill Iron Curtain Speech in 1946 may seem like the start of the war but it is considered not to be one. Even though being a hero of World War II, Winston Churchill, as the ex-prime Minister Of England, held no official political stand anymore. HIS speech was a great response to Russia actions of gathering satellite nations to defend itself from Western aggression. The speech most known quote which summarizes the whole speech was, From Stetting in the Baltic to Tries in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.

Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately it could only be taken as a ones opinion rather than a nations viewpoint, yet he was the first person to stop pretending to be friends with Russia. The Truman Doctrine of 1947 is believed to be the start of the Cold War. It stated that America would help any non-communist nation to resist communist force. It was simply a promise and was not in any case responsible of dividing Europe into two.

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Where the Truman Doctrine was the decision, the Marshall Plan was the action which seemed to bring the two actions (USA and Russia) more towards the Cold War than ever. In the summer of 1947 American general named George Marshall decided that America should give out $17 billion for aiding Europe. He reckoned that Europe was so poor that it is in danger of falling into Communism. It was said that it was up to the countries to decide whether to accept the help or not. The USSR hated that plan and was enraged by Alias anti-communist move. Stalin used his power to strike back by forbidding Communist countries to ask for money.

The countries led by Britain and France met in Paris, and did ask or economic aid and were not fallen into the Communist trap. The Marshall Aid seems to be the only time in history in which the needed results were achieved simply by throwing money at it. In 1 948, a year after the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan, the cold war was starting to face its first serious crisis. It evolved out Of disagreements over the treatment of Germany. It was agreed to divide Germany into four zones. Whereas Stalin being convinced that Germany owed them for the damage that was done, was draining its resources away to Russia.

It developed a great entrant between the Western zones and the Russian zone. While the hostility had already started way before MM three events had qualities that may count to mark the beginning of the Cold War but none of them can be the definite start point. The closest to mark the start of the war may possibly be the Marshall Plan. It was the most obvious attack against Communism ever made after World War II. As a result, the Cold War was founded on mistrust and concrete hostile policies and actions originated by two superpowers not being able to negotiate their way through it peacefully.

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