Victorain Realism vs Romanticism Assignment

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This was reflected in the writing, which was more formal but eventually the writing began to develop an emotional strain. This led to writers focusing on pains of death and lost love, and towards the era of Romanticism http://www. Martinets. Was/timeless/enlightenment_age. HTML Throughout the sass and half of the sass, Europe was ravaged by religious wars. (lead to ration over tradition) http://www. Weeklies. Org/what-is-the-difference- between-romanticism-and-realism. HTML Romanticism and Realism are two opposing art style, where one focuses on idealism and the other on maintaining what is true.

Romanticism glorified things, imagining characters with the ability to shape the destiny of an entire nation. Realist literature defined real life experiences of other people, and would highlight injustices in hope of bringing social change. Http:// Perez. Com/calculatedly/romanticism-vs.-realism/ Realist techniques involve a setting that relates to the author, and by a plot that uses ordinary events. Protagonists and other characters are normal, but are defined by personal conflict, whether physical, mental, or emotional. Author places injustices of the time in plain view, and allows reader to form their own opinion.

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Realism would sometimes attack romantic ideas in their own work, in realist novels, characters make (and are defined by) their own choices, rather than Just reacting to choices that have already been made. Romanticism usually has circumstances considered out of the ordinary, plot development over character development, traumatized story. Http:// indefinites. Bloodspot. Ca/2013/05/romanticism-vs.-realism. HTML The second half of the century (after romanticism) was filled with many civil wars, and the industrial revolution which destroyed the middle class, effectively destroying the economy of Victorian London. Http://www. Essay. Du/dept/English/dismiss/room. Lit. Char. PDF Characteristics of romantic literature; 1 . ) Imagination and emotion more important than reason and formal rules

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