Watergate: A Foiled Burglary Attempt Assignment

Watergate: A Foiled Burglary Attempt Assignment Words: 574

President Nixon told his cabinet that he would not resign but let the impeachment process take Its course. President Onion’s staff even encouraged him to resign to save face with the Americans and those that already had a lack of faith In our government. Both Time and Newsweek reported that John Dean the counsel to President Nixon was ready to give interviews stating that President Nixon knew about the Watergate cover up. Mr.. Dean was given minimum exposure to criminal charges in order to give him maximum leverage for usage when trying to make a plea bargain for his role in he Watergate scandal.

Even before the allegations made by Mr.. Dean surfaced, the polling of the public made it clear Americans felt that the president was well aware of the misdeeds and was try to get out of being linked to Watergate by denying any knowledge at all. The publics pollen varied about If Nixon was actually took part In Watergate and If he should be Impeach or not. In an pollen survey given by The Roper organization, those that took part felt that President Nixon should be impeached.

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The UCLA, which tanks for American Civil Liberties union used their survey findings as a part for a formal campaign to impeach the President. The survey given by the UCLA was taken by voters between March 29 and April 13, 1973. When only 1,984 people had given their reasoning behind why they felt the government should go ahead with impeachment proceeding. They were asked a series of questions about the scandal and what they feel about the government and its officials.

The results was that 49 percent of the Americans poled thought that the representatives vote on the impeachment issue would have no effect on whether they would vote for President Nixon again In the next election. The Roper survey showed that 53 percent favored Impeachment proceedings, compared with 33 percent who were opposed and 14 percent who were undecided. Resignation, before he could be brought before senate to be impeach. President Nixon, if impeached would be left with a more embarrassing image, being known as the most corrupt President in history.

In The New York Times, an article published reads “The 37th is the first to quit post: Contrast in tone and content puts “interest of America first” Nixon resigns the presidency effective at noon today’ (New York Times, August 1974). Even though President Nixon wanted to continue his term as President, to be in office while the US celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1976, but his position was filled by then Vice President Gerald Ford. By resigning former President Nixon felt that it would be the beginning of Americans starting to have faith in the government and its practices.

President Nixon stated that he felt on bitterness against anyone that felt that he was lilts and that he wanted all Americans to stand behind the new President so that we as a country could take steps in the right directions and making good decisions for all in this country. There is still a lot of speculation about the Watergate scandal and whether President Nixon was guilty or not. People still wonder about how many people were involved and how many people actually knew what went on, who is to say. It was said that President Nixon was a psychopath, and even possible a schizophrenic.

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