Reaction Rate lab Assignment

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For this lab the materials we used were pipette’s and tips, 10 ml graduated cylinders, large test tubes, test tube racks, corks ND timers. The larger test tubes allowed for easier mixing of solutions. The first procedure was a concentration study. The concentration allowed for 9 separate trials. A solution table was provided to ensure proper measurements for each of the trials. The pipette’s were used to obtain the appropriate amount of each chemical in order to perform the separate trials. Solution A contained; water, 0. M potassium iodide, 0. 4% starch and 0. MOM sodium Tessellate. Solution B contained 0. MM Potassium Perpetuate. Once all of the solutions were measured out. We individually added solution B to elution A, put the cork in the test tube and the timer was started immediately. We then inverted each solution twice. Once inverted we held a white sheet of paper behind each test tube to allow easier viewing of the reaction. Once we noticed a color change the timer was stopped and that time was logged on the data sheet provided.

For the second procedure temperature was studied. Using 400 ml beakers we created an ice bath and warm water bath. Solution A and B from trial three of the prior procedure were prepared and placed in each beaker for five minutes. This five minute period allowed the solution to stabilize at the desired temperature. Next we mixed solutions A and B together in the warm and ice baths and started the timer. Once reaction occurred we again logged that information on the provided data log.

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In the last procedure we again repeating the mixing of the solution based on trial 3. Next . 1 M of Cuscus (copper sulfate) was added again the timer was started. Once the reaction occurred the data was entered on the provided data log. ****Data Table on following page and graphs completed on lab report***

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