Was the civil war inevitable? Assignment

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Davis Jefferson explains the reasons he believes in secession, and why he believes the Confederacy and union have a hope of solitary peace between them. The state of South Carolina, had a supported right to secede from the union by the Doctrine of Secession, which stated that a state has the right to nullify the constitutional northern way of life. The Intentions of this letter most definitely sparked the civil war, because he suggests “the confederacy will be able to combat with many difficulties, which arise from the conflicting interests of separate nations. He assures that this transition of power is rooted in the Bill of Rights, because it allowed states’ rights which would Intentionally “revolutionize” the way we govern our states. All communication would be divided, yet he reminds that all transportation ports will be guarded for the biggest of surprises, yet stand their ground. The result of this effort to bring the Republicans and Federalists together failed. He was seen as an ineffective war leader, in such the Battle of Monterrey.

He because not only of his poor war tactics, but because of his poor background in neglecting public opinion, and going against the opinions of state governors. These were both key elements to the Democratic way of life. He was eventually seen as a bad predecessor of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln Springfield Speech: He begins to leave the plantation where he had grown up, and lived In Springfield, Illinois. As he looked over the crowd, the many social classes he saw resembled that fact that the rumors of his denial of their acceptance are false.

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His intention was to bring out the emotion in the people- to give them motivation to have patriotism. His passion for enjoying the African- American culture brought him out of his depression f leaving home, which In turn brought him to write the speech he said In front of the people. He said to them that he owes more to them, than to the people of the world, yet this could only be true if the North could understand and accept the idea of secession. This speech prelude his Inauguration, which It Influenced because of Its democratic viewpoint.

This conflicting view split the party In two, and made him a Republican. Lincoln Inaugural Address: He begins, by reaching out to the Confederate States, saying how his policies would enforce their growth. He promised that the way Fort Sumter had “abused the reporter of government” would happen again If necessary. And by force. This insulted and isolated the Confederate States, because his second promise was that the Union will always be undividable.

This in a sense actually altered what he had said at Springfield, because he enforced the constitution upon them, not nullify it. He talks about how he has no right to Interfere with slavery, yet It has come with secession, which could never be agreed upon between both political parties. After showing this consistent pride in his new party, and state-of mind essentially, he meow promises not to use the Spoils System, which gives power in a government chair to one political party. He would use Democrats to run the “offices”, or forts In the South.

The looseness of this statement Is a response from the Battle of Fort Sumter, called the Insurrection Act. Frederick Douglass 4th of July speech: 1 OFF Fathers have failed to see the result of slavery. He dismisses the current state of Black citizenship, and speaks of how viable the nation is for change. He brings out the fear America had to abolition slavery, because it mirrored our battle between England. It was a trait that wasn’t meant to be a part of us, and it would open the space for expansion of widespread beliefs once gone.

He sums up the fact that the joy of independence on 4th of July cannot be shared with his race, because the nation is split over racism. “Why is that something we celebrate? ” he asked. He goes with Albert Einstein, with saying that it is better to rebel, than sit down and do nothing to stop it. This applied to the Religious Northern institutions, for instilling in its people their UN alienated rights, not the entire nations’. He concludes with the fact that Ann-slavery will use the constitution to win the fight.

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