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Updated During the period of the Vietnam War, there were severe socio-economic airdrops not only individuals, but nations as well. Through the analysis of the relevant sources it can be shown that US intervention in the war between the communist North and the democratic South of Vietnam caused major short and long term effects. In the sass’s, the US came to see world communism as a threat to global security and so decided to send US forces to assist south Vietnam in its conflict with the communist regime of the North.

Essay During the period of the Vietnam War, there were severe socio-economic to assist south Vietnam in its conflict with the communist regime of the North. In 1 945, Viet Mini rose into power in the northern part of Vietnam forming a communist government. Ho Chi Mini “hoped for support from the Lignite States” because he believed that they would agree to communism motives seeing as they had just “fought in a world war” (Levy, 2004). As History shows, Ho Chi Mini couldn’t have been more wrong. The US came to see the Viet Mini as a threat and were concerned of a domino effect occurring.

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In the late sass’s the LOS started bombing North Vietnam. The bombing that took place in Indochina was almost “1 00 times the combined impact of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs” (Miguel and Roland, 2010). The Vietnam War lasted for about a decade and had the heaviest bombing in written history causing millions of deaths in Indochina. The war was surprisingly won by the Viet Congo making underground chambers and tunnels in the forest. Viet Congo would then attack small convoys, also know as the guerilla technique, and they eventually won. There were many social changes and psychological effects on individuals and groups.

US bombing had major effects on soldiers and civilians, either psychological or physical damage. The US did not only use bombs, but approximately “80 lion liters of herbicides were released” over Indochina and about “60% of it Agent Orange”. Agent Orange was “a military operation” to clear the forests, “defoliation” (Motto, 2005). Agent Orange is a chemical full of dangerous toxins that cause defects in the body. If a woman is contaminated, the toxins will be passed onto the unborn child causing it not to grow all its limbs or other important body parts.

Photographer Nick UT became famous for his photograph of a napalm attack on innocent civilians (1972). The photo shows the terror on the children’s faces. What strikes the viewer most is the naked RL, severely burnt, screaming out in terror. That girl is Pan HTH Kim PUC. When she is interviewed many years later, she recalls the horrific incident, telling the world how she tore off her burning clothes but the burning continued. “She recalled she was yelling, NГ??Eng quaГ, nГ??Eng qua; (“too hot, too hot”) in the picture” (Swell, n. D. ). With all of the bombs, the war turned into an economic battle with the cost of the war increasing rapidly.

Economy was a major part of the Vietnam War, with the US spending millions on bombs and Vietnam having it economy wiped out with all the damage done to the country. The “humanitarian costs Of the Vietnam War itself”, which caused millions of innocent deaths, “were massive and the short term disruptive economic effects were quite strong” (Miguel and Roland, 2010). By the end of the war, the Vietnam economy was very low, left with a country full of rubble. Over time however the Vietnam economy has been rising as the country slowly starts to progress away from the terrible past that still echoes through the landscape.

Arthur Burns, a US economist in 1 969, predicted that the defense budget may amount to about $80 billion, but says that the large amount still will not be everything for the defense sector. The US now looked to Australia and other countries for support” and Australia response was to “send an infantry battalion to join “American”(sic) combat battalions” (Anon. , 2007). Australia wasn’t affected in the economy crises although it did spend money on its defense sector to help the US battalions. The Vietnam War has been seen to have cause severe psychological effects on the soldiers that fought in the battalions.

Mr.. Allen Nelson, an African American Vietnam War veteran, states in an interview with the Anza Review of American Studies that the government does not take care of war veterans. He exclaimed that ‘in/hen you’re a soldier the government takes care of you, gives you everything, food, clothing, housing, healthcare, you know whatever your needs, they give it to you. But once you get out of the military there’s none of that” (1994). There has been a lot of research in Australia about comparisons with the normal public and the war Vietnam War veterans. Studies have shown that Vietnam veterans have excess incidence and mortality rates from several conditions, such as cancers and heart disease” (Wilson and Hoarsely, 2003). The Vietnam War did affect the lives of everyone involved in the conflict in such a dramatic way. It caused great economic disruptions and many people lost their lives to the War. All war has devastating results on the people and nations involved. Vietnam was so heavily bombed that hardly any infrastructure remained. At the start of the War, Vietnam was divided into North (Communism) and South (Capitalism).

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