Battles of the Vietnam War and Information Assignment

Battles of the Vietnam War and Information Assignment Words: 425

List and explain how Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy react to key events In Vietnam. Vietnam declares independence, 1945 On September 2, Ho Chill Mini leader of the Vietnamese Independence movement, quoted the Declaration of Independence when he declared Vietnamese independence from foreign rule, members of this independence movement. Us Military laud to French Indochina 1950 1 954 president Truman, seeing the First Indochina War as a fight against the spread f Communism called for increased military aid to French Indochina.

Aid increased from 10 million in 1950 to more than 100 million in 1951 Battle of Dine Blend PH, 1954 Viet mini forces launched a surprise attack against a large French military base at Dine Been PH and surrounded more than 12000 French troops. President Eisenhower considered sending in US bombers to save the French troops, but he decided not to increase US Involvement. The Viet Mini overran the base, and France began pulling out of Vietnam.

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Geneva Accords, 1954 ender the Seven Accords, the First Indochina War ended and Vietnam was spilt temporally along the 17 parallel. The Viet Mall moved north of that line; the French moved south. Why did these Buddhists Monks do this? The south Vietnamese government prohibited Buddhists from carrying flags on the Buddhists birthday. Seven Monks burned themselves to prove a point. 51. 3 Learning Target: Explain Johnny’s reaction to the Gulf of Tontine Incident. He chose not to retaliate, but he sent a message to Hanoi warning the north

Vietnamese government that further “unprovoked” attacks would bring “grave consequences” LBS. used these “attacks” as Justification to push the gulf of Tontine resolution through congress. This resolution, passing with just two votes against, 1 OFF aggression”. Explain Hawks and Doves. People who favored expanding U. S. Military involvement in Vietnam. Want to escalate WAR Advocates of a peaceful solution in Vietnam through negotiation and compromise. Want PEACE. Section 51. 4 First us combat troops land in Vietnam 1965 On march 8, about 9500 marines arrived in Dad Nag south Vietnam .

Their Job was to defend the air base there whose planes were bombing sites in the north. Soon they were sent out to find and eliminate enemy forces. They search and destroy missions led to the first firefights with the Viet Congo. Operation Starlight 1955 The first major assault by the US government ground troops in Vietnam took place in August against 1,500 Viet Congo who were preparing to attack a us air base near the coast. They were supported by tanks and fighter planes the marines killed 600 Congo while only 45 of of the American soldiers died.

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