Vietnam War Charlie Cong, Nicholas Tomalin Assignment

Vietnam War Charlie Cong, Nicholas Tomalin Assignment Words: 264

Literary is the meaning of the title Charlie Congo is the ? Of South Vietnam. 2. Explain the situation or stage of the Vietnam War in 1 966 as this text was written. More Vietnamese was killed. 1965 US combat battle troops in South Vietnam. Domino theory/effect. USA fretted for at hell Vietnam vile believe communistic. It’s a civil war in Vietnam. North Vietnamese army – Hanoi with Viet Congo FAN – Saigon. 3. State in one or two line what the text is about -” at the surface. What is going on, so to speak?

About a journalist following a US general on a operation in South Vietnam in 1966. 4. Notice the tense (grammarian did) used in the text and consider the reasons for it. Present tense + dialogue. Present tense makes the reader feel he is part of the situation “get the picture” = being there. Dramatic effect. Dialogue: show, don’t tell principle of characterizing the general through his own language. Credibility/authenticity. 5. Look carefully through the first four pages to collect information about the way General F.

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Hollingsworth is described and characterized. I may help you to think of the “show, don’t tell”-principle. Make sure you can document your observations. Face like movies. Not affected by killing – he actually likes it (no compassion) Medals, gallantry = war hero Swears a lot (esp… About Viet Congo: “push God damn Vs….. “) Texas (accent, sounds, feel) 6. What do you suspect is the message – or agenda – of the journalist/ narrator Nicholas Ottoman? Anti-war statement: innocent Vietnamese US general is cruel/cynical

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