The Ordeal of Reconstruction Assignment

The Ordeal of Reconstruction  Assignment Words: 311

Explain the strengths and weaknesses of Andrew Johnson. Presidential Reconstruction Know: Lincoln “10 percent plan,” Wade-Davis Bill, Radical Republicans 5. How did the presidents’ plan for reconstruction differ from the plan Of the Radical Republicans? The Baleful Black Codes Know: Black Codes, Labor Contracts, Sharecropping Debt Peonage 6. How were Black Codes used to keep the freedmen down? Congressional Reconstruction 7. Why did northern congressmen refuse to seat the southerners when they came to take their seats?

Hint: there are two reasons one moral and one practical) Johnson Clashes with Congress Know: Civil Rights Bill, “Andy Veto,” Fourteenth Amendment 8. How did Republicans use their dominance of Congress? What did Prestidigitation do in response? Swinging Round the Circle with Johnson 9. How did Johnny’s campaigning during the 1866 congressional elections backfire? Why did it backfire? Republican Principles and Programs Know: Charles Sumner, Thatched Stevens, Joint Committee on Reconstruction, Moderate Republicans 10. How did the views of Moderate

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Republicans about reconstruction differ from the views of Radical Republicans? Reconstruction by the Sword Know: Reconstruction Act, Fifteenth Amendment, Military Reconstruction, Redeemers, Home Rule 11. Describe military reconstruction. NO Women Voters Know: Elizabeth Caddy Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Woman’s Loyal League, Fourteenth Amendment 12. Why did some women feel that they did not receive their due after the Civil War? The Realities of Radical Reconstruction in the South Know: Union League, Suffrage, Hiram Revels, Balance K.

Bruce, Scalawags, Carpetbaggers 13. In what ways did African-Americans become politically involved in the years immediately following the Civil War? How did White southerners view their involvement? The UK Klux Klan Know: UK Klux Klan, Force Acts, Disfranchise 14. An what ways did Southern whites attempt to keep former slaves down? Johnson Walks the Impeachment Plank Know: Radical Republicans, Ben Wade, Tenure of Office Act, Edwin Stanton 15. How did the Radical Republicans “manufacture” an impeachment of Andrew Johnson?

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