The New Deal Initiative Assignment

The New Deal Initiative Assignment Words: 461

What is was What it did Type (Relief, Recovery, Reform) Emergency Banking Act Allowed government to review, reorganize, and reopen banks that had enough money to operate People started depositing more than they withdrew Relief, recovery Banking Act (Glass-Steal Act) 1 . Separated commercial banking (institutions that take deposits from individuals and business) from investment banking used to make money 2. Created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This insured commercial banks up to $5,000 per account Helped people feel safe about their money in banks gain.

Deposits were also protected Reform, recovery Agricultural Adjustment Act Gave farmers payments to not plant crops or to kill extra livestock Decreased supply and allow prices to rise to meet demand. Farmers were helped relief Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 1 . Employed people to build dams and perform other work in the poor Tennessee Valley 2. Managed flooding, helped the environment in the Tennessee Valley, and generated power in the region Much of the Tennessee Valley received electricity for the first time Recovery, reform Civilian Conservation Corps (ICC)

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Hired young, unemployed men to plant or restore forests Workers were employed, they tended forestland that became state parks, and helped conserve the nation’s natural environment Relief National Recovery Act 1 . Created the National Recovery Administration 2. Channeled money in to PAW The NEAR worked with business and labor to set minimum wages, regulate prices, and protect workers Recovery Public Works Administration 1 . Focused on recovery attempts 2. Grew the nation’s infrastructure by constructing bridges, dams, and building still used today Hired people to work on government-funded construction projects.

It also employed Americans, provided home loans, and helped the unemployed Recovery Social Security Act Relief and reform plan financed by new payroll taxes paid by workers Established a federal program to provide a small, regular income to older Americans and people who could not work because of a disability reform Works Progress Administration (WAP) Aimed to create more new Jobs Employed an average of more than two million people annually in a variety of fields. Workers built highways and public buildings. They cleaned up rivers and practiced environmental conservation. Relief Court-packing Plan Plan to expand the U.

S. Supreme Court by six Judges ( from nine to 15) This would allow President Roosevelt to select certain Judges who would support the New Deal Wagner Act 1 . Guaranteed workers the right to organize unions and practice collective bargaining. 2. It also created the National Labor Relations Board (NELL) to investigate claims of unfair labor practices. Sought to help improve conditions for those who already had Jobs, as well as put people back to work. Reform Fair Labor Standards Act Created fair labor Established a national minimum wage and capped the workweek at 44 hours. It also outlawed child labor.

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