Did the New Deal Deliver a New Deal for the American People? Assignment

Did the New Deal Deliver a New Deal for the American People? Assignment Words: 874

It Is evident that Roosevelt new deal did provide a new deal for the American people in many ways, It boosted the agricultural, industrial and economic aspect of America while at the same time improving everyday life for majority of Americans . Roosevelt made various changes with in his time in office. He tried to lift the economy out of depression and eliminate the flaws that had caused the crash. He tried to do this by introducing a program which included new legislation and government agencies with the help of his “brain trust”.

HIS new deal consisted of 3 main points these being Relief, Recovery and Reform. All of these he did apply and did deliver however his new deal was not what eventually lifted America out of the depression and was not what solved all of Americas flaws but it was rather owing to WI. Roosevelt came into power in 1933 after winning a landslide victory. He had lots of work to do as America was currently in an economic depression with unemployment at an all time high.

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Roosevelt with the help of his “brain trust” constructed a new deal containing r relief measures to help with the poor, to fix the banking crisis and unemployment issues as there were 40 million people living at subsistence level or ho were unemployment meaning they had no income. He was determined to eradicate this Issue therefore the first thing he did was provide all necessities such as food, shelter and clothing for all those who needed this.

He set up agencies in order to cope with unemployment and hopefully create more Jobs some of these agencies being- Civilian conservation corps (C. C. C) Young men were used to plant trees, build dams and fight soil erosion. The National Youth Administration (N. Y. A) This provided the youth with jobs so they could continue with their studies. The Civil works Administration (C. W. A) and many more. He then focused his attention on the banking crisis. More than 1 500 banks had closed down by the end of 1932.

Roosevelt had to find a way to restore faith in banks in America and had to make people feel as if there money was safe in these banks as if they felt it was unsafe they would Just draw out all their money from the banks this causing more to become bankrupt and close down. He passed an act called the Emergency Banking Act – All banks were closed and later on 75% of these banks reopened with loans, He also arranged bank holidays this allowing for auditing in banks to take place all of this restored inference in the American people. This is all Just one aspect that proves that his new deal did provide a new deal for the American people.

Roosevelt put in place recovery measures which aimed to bring the US out of depression by promoting economic growth In the agricultural, business and Industrial sectors. He believed It was the government’s duty to “prime the pump” he believed that only through government involvement would the economy have any hope of recovering (even though many were against this due to Americas belief of rugged individualism) He limited production in both agricultural and industrial sectors thus eliminating the sis of overproduction and Increasing demand which in turn Increases prices.

To help with the agricultural sector he Introduced the Farm credit act this granted adjustment administration act was also put into place this regulating production in turn raising prices and lastly to help he introduced The Tennessee Valley authority this led to the development of the Tennessee valley this entailed men building dams and 6 US states benefited from this it also introduced hydro electric schemes and many new holiday resorts. This being another vital point proving that Roosevelt new eel did provide a new deal for the American people and was put into place.

In the industry sector he introduced minimum wages as part of the Labor standards act as well as the Wagner act which replaced the National Labor relations act. This gave every worker the right to Join unions. This in itself was a new deal for the working class of America. And lastly he introduced social security this aimed to protect people against common forms of distress. For the first time in the history of America old age pensions and unemployment insurance funds were established. All of these factors n the new deal clearly provided America with a new deal and were clearly all acted on.

Roosevelt certainly won the confidence of the majority of America back and the welfare of citizens and especially workers was promoted. It also definitely got the economy moving again and started its long Journey out of the great depression However It did not solve all of Americas issues as there was still a distinct gap between rich and poor as well as social inequality this meaning it was was not Roosevelt new deal that eventually got the US economy back on track but rather Word War II. However it clearly did give the American people a new deal.

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