The Boming of Pearl Harbor Assignment

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In the late nineteenth century, the economy and industrialization of Japan were rapid. (“Independent”) Japan has barely to any natural resources; therefore they relied on the united States and European colonies for all their needed resources. (“Independent”) Japan was economically put at a stop, but in the future would begin to advance again. Leonard 2 Everybody thought that Japan just randomly had a hatred for the U. S. , but in all reality they have been in diplomatic fights for a long time (“Mentalist’s”).

Japan depended on resources such as oil and metal from Americans, and it accounts for 80% of shipment (entanglements”). Pearl Harbor was the operating base of the U. S. Pacific Fleet. (“Mentalist’s”) Under the command of vice Admiral Chichi Magnum, a powerful Japanese task force left the Kuris Islands on December 2. (“History’) December 7 is when the surprised task force showed up. During the attack there were two completely successive waves with more than 350 Japanese bombers, torpedo planes, and fighters struck. More than 75 U. S. Reships (including battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, and auxiliaries) were based at this “Gibraltar of the At this moment in time, all United States aircraft carriers were located else were, and Were nowhere close to be in aid during the bombing. The waves arrived on the scene at six in the morning, but held off attacking until around two hours later. The airfields and battleships moored at concrete quays were bombarded first with the first fleet of the attack. (“HistorY’) Not long after the first fleet, the second followed while the Americans used all they had to rotate themselves and their land.

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The whole attack was over before ten; although everyone expected it to be longer and more drastic, it still took a huge toll on everyone on the island and in the United States. The effects of the bombing were more horrendous than the actual bombing itself. There was 18 ships destroyed, and the four major ones were the Arizona, West Virginia, and California, and Nevada battleships. (“disesteemed’) Out of all the United States aircraft only 200 were damaged or destroyed, and that was considered a small number because of the actual destruction it could have one.

The losses for Japan were a lot smaller that the United States. Japan only lost a total of 29 planes and five midget Leonard 3 Submarines and that was an extremely small number compared to what they had. The naval power was completely destroyed by the Japanese in the Pacific. The attack gave Hawaii such a scare that troops took position on all the main Hawaiian Islands, and barriers were set up on all the main beaches. (“Perpetrator”) All major airports were overthrown by the army and the private airplanes were forced to land and stay grounded. Behavior) All this caused a martial law which enforced things such as, curfews, blackouts, and censorship of mail, phone calls, and any other thing that could let the Japanese “on the inside. “(“Perpetrator”) The military literally took over every single thing including public buildings, turning them into their own offices and hide outs. Any Japanese buildings were shut down, and if anyone was considered a treat and or dangerous they were arrested and trialed according to military law instead of the original laws.

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