The Autobiography of Malcolm X Assignment

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What Is the meaning of the title? Does It have a surface or deeper meaning? The title “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” is a book of Malcolm Ax’s life story, which is a powerful voice in our black history. During his lifetime he went through several significant changes in his lifestyle and beliefs. Many of these things were influenced by his travels, life events and who he came Into contact with. 2. Identify the setting’s historical significance During Malcolm Ax’s lifetime he traveled to many places in the United States as well as out of the country.

He was born In Omaha, Nebraska. Malcolm father, Earl Little, was a traveling Baptist minister so they moved around in the united States. At the age of seventeen Malcolm moved to Boston, Massachusetts. This is where he began to get involved with drugs, gambling, drinking, pimps, and stealing. 3. Does this work make a political observation about African American culture? Does it perpetuate damaging stereotypes and myths about African Americans or does it deflate these myths and stereotypes? Malcolm X continued to Jump around in his beliefs.

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This makes me wonder If he lived longer would he have still believed the same thing. From when he was a child, a teenager in Boston, prison, following under Elijah Muhammad, to creating his own religion. Malcolm focused most of his life on people being bias. At the beginning of his book he said that his father was even bias Like the whites. He treated Malcolm different, compared to his brothers and sisters; he said It was because he was light skinned. Did his father say this or Is this Just Malcolm opinion?

Who in this world isn’t bias about something it may not be color of skin, but financial well being, background or heritage. I’m not saying that this Justifies being prejudice against African Americans. However, if you are constantly looking for something you will see what you’re searching for, even If It really Isn’t there. Which Is something I fell Malcolm X does repeatedly throughout his life. Race is always brought up in his arguments. Doesn’t he want a better for the black community? He is criticizing his own people.

Is this what we want African American’s to be seen as, disparaging their own race. Malcolm portrays as an angry black male against the whites, judgment should not been applied in anger. Malcolm is constantly against the whites and the African Americans that have made a better life in at this time hat was a white world. Change is gradual; the black community is trying out the new waters and opportunities they were given. Malcolm X Is known as a great black activist, but I see that his teaching of how to be an Independent African American community was not an effective way.

Blacks are known today as majority of the population of our prisons and majority of single family homes. Should the black community continue to preach Malcolm support of violence as answer to these problems? We should teach self reliance and a strong male presence In the household. Malcolm did teach these things however he did not teach non violence, which I believe is a key part of this problem. 5. Identify an appropriate audience for this work. Does this work have universal appeal?

Before I say what audience this work is appropriate for; I think I should ask if Malcolm X was a leader that should be followed. Malcolm was born in poverty and grew up as a trouble teenager. After prison Malcolm changed his life and became a leader for the black community. Was he a leader that should be followed? Did he help the black community step forward as a group of people wanting equal freedom and rights? There were many historical leaders that led groups of people that had efferent views to another leader. But which leader gave path to a better lifestyle?

I could argue that this work is appropriate for young black males. That it could be inspirational for them to see a man go from poverty to a historical leader. However, do we want these young black males to look up to a leader that didn’t really change the world for the good? I think we should see if today, fifty years later, the movement Malcolm led has benefited the black community. Malcolm became deeply involved in the growing turmoil of the civil rights movement. As a radical black leader, Malcolm X advocated black pride and financial self-reliance.

He ultimately rose to become a world-renowned African American and human rights activist. I think Malcolm Ax’s belief of becoming self reliant and building a strong black family household is what every person should strive for. However, his embrace of violence is something I do not believe is a way to overcome and be recognized as a black community wanting their own opportunities and liberty. I still feel like today violence is used in hope to gain freedom and opportunities. This would make me hesitate to advice a young black male to read this work while looking for guidance.

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