The Anti ????” Vietnam War Social Movement Assignment

The Anti ????” Vietnam War Social Movement Assignment Words: 510

The protestors involved wanted peace and protested society views of the necessity of war as a whole. Qualifying this movement as a social movement is the people that gathered together with their strong ideas of how people should view the world. These protestors banded together to demand a social change and turn their backs of the norm that was society (Protests in the sass. N. D. ). This social movement is an example of a reformative social movement, seeking to reform the aspect of violence within the society. This was demonstrated with peaceful demonstrations such as; marches, sit ins and allies.

The antiwar movement was geared toward questioning authority and coming up with a more peaceful solution. This movement brought the birth of the “hippie” counterculture, the middle class that was tired of society normal being defined by the governments’ decisions. The youth of this generation had tired Of what society expected and developed their own beliefs revolving around peace. This group wanted a new way of life and promoted change making them a proactive social movement (Hippie. N. D. ). There were many different approaches to demonstrations during this social hanged, called social movement organizations.

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The most well-known of these organizations was Woodstock, the event that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of this era’s social movement. The protest was against the conformed society and this concert was an example of how their generation would celebrate peace, life and love with no regard for society’s opinion. This peaceful protest was planned in upstate New York for three days and had an enormous unexpected turn out. Over 400,000 people showed up for the event that made history showing that this social movement was in the source inflammation stage of the movement.

This was a very well organized demonstration that obviously reached thousands of people from all across the country (The Woodstock Story. N. D). The Anti – Vietnam War social movement stretched across the years from 1965 to well after 1971. There are different theories as to what effect the antiwar movement had on the Vietnam policies or the ending of the war. Regardless if this movement effected the ultimate decision to end the war or not, it did send into motion the freedom of protest movement. The citizens of he United States realized they could ban together and stand up for something they did not agree with.

This movement persisted and has been present within every war that has followed, laws have been changed behind the rallying of people standing against injustice (Hippie. N. D. ). The protests of the Anti – Vietnam War social movement may not have ended the war, but they were effective in getting the point across. They were peaceful demonstrations that demanded change for the injustice of violence and society’s conformity. This movement may seem to be over but in truth it as just the beginning of a new society that can think for itself and stand up for what they feel is right.

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