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Fall 2013 Civ-ll Study Guide for the Final Exam Date and Time: 1:00-3:OOpm, Friday, Dec. 13, 2013 Location: Our Classroom Instructions: The final exam covers Part 6 and Part 7 (from Chapter 28 to Chapter 33) of the textbook. The slides we used in class have already been uploaded to ANGEL. To prepare for the exam, you must combine studying my slides with textbook reading. This exam will be somewhat different from the first two exams. In addition to the Multiple Choice section, there will be a total of 2. 5 questions????”two comprehensive questions and one smaller question.

The essay question from the Dept. that was given to you earlier is REQUIRED for everyone. Everyone MUST prepare and answer this question based on the “grading rubric” I have given you. The other two questions will be determined by tossing the dice. The questions ask for objective demonstration of your knowledge and subjective discussions/analyses. BOTH types are needed. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE EXAM OR HOW TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK ME EARLY. WE HAVE MORE THAN 10 TEN DAYS LEFT BEFORE THE EXAM. IF YOU WAIT UNTIL THE LAST TWO DAYS TO ASK ME, I WILL NOT REPLY.

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Department Question: Do the historical and literary records show that humankind has progressed during the periods studied in this course? Have human beings grown more “civilized,” or have we as a species regressed? In your response, use at least two historical examples the historical periods covered in class and refer to at least two primary works covered in this course. Essay Question 1: How and why did events in overseas empires from the 1890s on challenge Western faith in imperialism? How were colonial dominations increasingly challenged? The

Russian Bolshevik Revolution leader Lenin argued that World War I was the result of insolvable competitions among imperialist powers. What are the rational elements in his argument? What other factors have also contributed to the outbreak of the WWI? (need your discussion of the conditions of Europe before the War) Essay Question 2: In what ways was WWI a total war? What were the major outcomes of the postwar peacemaking process? Some people say this process had actually sowed the seeds Revolution? Why and how was this revolution different from other political revolutions in the past?

What were/are the significance and impact of the Bolshevik Revolution? Essay Question 3: The Great Depression led to “Totalitarian Triumph” in Europe: The Rise of Stalinism and Hitler’s Rise to Power. Make a comparison between the similarities and differences of these two types of totalitarianism. Why did the two totalitarian states join in opposing camps and fght each other? How did the democracies’ responses to twin challenges of economic depression and the rise of fascism differ from those of totalitarian regimes? How did the aggressions of Japan, Germany, and Italy create the onditions for global war?

Essay Question 4: What were the major events in the development of the Cold War? Why did decolonization follow the war so immediately? Why and how did decolonization achieve success during the Cold War? What were the real results of decolonization in Asia, Middle East and Africa? What were the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two European blocs (NATO and Warsaw Treaty Pact) in the Cold War? Some people argue that the Cold War confrontation was facilitative to the decolonization movement. Do you agree? Why or why not?

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