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Mead’s concept of the “generalized other” Is also essential to his theory, which he defines as an organized and generalized attitude of a social group. It Is basically our perception of what others think of us. The individual defines his or her own behavior with reference to the generalized attitude of the social group(s) they occupy. When the individual can view himself or herself from the standpoint of the generalized other, self-consciousness in the full ensue of the term is attained.

People have developed themselves by comparing oneself with the other. Explain how this concept relates to the mass media. Generalized other maybe less genera today. This is because media has consolidated significantly over the 30 years. For example the media can show an advertisement where the girl can be winking because there Is something In her eye, but a boy looking at It can have a misconception and a vague thought that she can be winking at him. Explain your own example of a mass media source that socializes Its audience.

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Sesame street Explain your own example of a stereotypical portrayal of working class people In the media. The movie’s help’, is about African-American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi, during the early sass. Alt clearly shows how black maids struggle to earn their living. From the Reading (Robinson) Why are some people concerned about the consolidation of media outlets? -This is because people are increasingly involved in mass communication bad information technology these days.

For example statistics say that, Nearly 329 million TV sets in he US 77% of Americans own a cell phone (2008) 67% of Americans own a video-enabled mobile device 78% of teens own a video game console. Of teens own an Pod/AMP 70% of adolescents have a TV in their bedrooms 30% of adolescents have a computer with internet access in their bedrooms Therefore we are not sure whether the use of ewe technology is used for good or bad by people especially children,thus we have to be aware. Mass Media and Race/ Ethnicity What is cultural discrimination?

Cultural discrimination Is hate or disassociation directed too person because he or he is of a different culture from yours. This results in the denial of their basic rights as citizens or even as human beings. Cultural delimitation can be displayed In the form of racism, tribalism or religious hate. Culture Is very Important for every Individual. It shows their Identity. Cultural delimitation means when an Individual hated by other people because of their different lifestyle and following, and they do not respect his [her equal rights in their daily lives.

Explain your own example of a stereotypical media portrayal of a certain racial/ethnic group. There is Sir Lankan Movie called ‘punching granddaddies,which poetry s the nice riots of Sir Lankan in the sass’s:a time when Sir Lankan was ravaging civil war that left 65000 persons ‘led and another similar amount maimed. The main theme of this movie is the dire need for ethnic harmony if life is going to be worth living. Sampans,a boy from a rich fair skinned Kinshasa household starts to interact with the pre teenage servant girl who just arrived at their mansion,he eventually even learns to speak Tamil,the play language of Asthma.

Women’s dies are being objectified as they almost serve like the currency that grabs your attention,diverting yourself from the rest of the world for a moment and leaving you tempted to watch the video over again. Len light of the question,it tells us how to be ad act as men and women. Music videos also act like a guide that shows how men should look at women, and there are many people looking up to that these days. We can see that music videos usually tell a story of masculinity and the power they posses,resulting in these ideas being agglomerated and normalized in today’s society. From the Reading (Cook and Smith)

Give one example of how the mass media reinforce gender stereotypes. According to Cook and Smooth,even though females occupy half of the world’s population,they appear much less frequently in films,especially the goes targeted at males. Even when they make into the silver screen,their identities are betrayed as being sexual or hyperactive. For example when TV shows depict images of size zero models on run away ramps who are greeted and labeled in society as ‘attractive’. Therefore the females in the society tend to look Upton them and idealize those models. ,minored for them to achieve that title too.

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