Sociology and Inca Death Cult Assignment

Sociology and Inca Death Cult Assignment Words: 263

What clues were found in Pickax? They found hairgrips, statues, bones (artifacts) . How can you control the living by controlling the dead? The living viewed the dead as the highest power, one group threatened another groups ancestors equals protection lost 7. How did this video illustrate what historical analysis is? The artifacts from the past in the past in this video teaches viewers more about the ancient cultures Public Opinion Polls 1. What is a target population? Deciding what kind of people you want to interview 2. What is a sample?

A group of a the target population 3. How would a “phone in” sample be biased? People who conduct “phone ins” usually feel strongly for the subject 4. What is a quota sample? A small group of a whole group 5. 3 types of interviewing methods and advantages and disadvantages a. Personal interview – willing to talk more, expensive b. Telephone – fast, can’t show products c. Mail – cheap, slow 6. What are the most expensive survey methods Personal interviews usually cost more per interview than other methods 7. What is the difference between open ended and multiple choice questions?

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With open ended questions, people answer with their words as opposed o multiple choices to fill in an answer of the choice given 8. What are 2 issues to keep in mind when considering question and answer choice order? A. How the question and answer choice order can encourage people to compare your survey b. How the order of questions or the order of answer choices could affect the results of your survey.

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