Ancient Civilizations of Latin America: Inca The Government Assignment

Ancient Civilizations of Latin America: Inca The Government Assignment Words: 386

Among the many ancient civilizations in Latin America, the Incas were one of a kind. Their government was a whole lot different from any other of the civilizations. This had great impact on the civilization. In my opinion, without this aspect the Incas most likely wouldn’t of been as successful. As stated before, the government was very Important In the Inca collocation and had a lot of Impact on their civilization In general. In the Inca civilization the utmost In power was the emperor, then came the royal family.

Often times many of the overspent leaders came straight from the royal family. This Impacted the people meaning that Is was harder for a common excellent to rise up In power to be a government administrator or leader. Another thing that Impacted the society was that the government owned almost everything. This impacted the society in a very good way meaning that the people didn’t have to worry about the buying and selling of property since not many people had their own. Another impact was that the government allocated all jobs to citizens.

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This impacted all citizens (everyone worked) meaning no one had the option to do what they dreamed of doing in life. That is how the government of the Incas impacted the civilization. I think that the Inca government made the civilization more successful. One way is that the Inca government chose Jobs which meant there was no unemployed people searching all over for a Job. If this wasn’t present in the Inca Civilization the job rural might have been a mess. Also I think that the government having ownership of the land contributed to the successfulness because it means that there will be less omelets citizens.

Last of all the government being based in one city helped the Incas be successful because that way everything is more organized and the important buildings are in one place. That is how I think to government contributed to the Inca Civilization being successful. In Conclusion, the Inca government was very well organized. It helped the empire be better for the citizens and a more successful place. It had a lot of Impact on the empire! If you are interested, read further about the Inca government.

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