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“The Father of the American Revolution” Samuel Adams was one of the Founding Fathers of the united States. He was one of the leaders of the movement that became known as the American Revolution. He changed American history Just from signing the Declaration of Independence. Samuel Adams was born in Boston in the year of 1722, September the . He was born along with 12 other children, three of them who died shortly after 3. When Samuel Adams was younger he attended the Boston Latin School. Later on he attended Harvard college in 1736.

His career goals were towards politics. After leaving Harvard in 1743, he decided to go into business. So he worked at Thomas counting house. This Job only lasted a few months. He was too preoccupied in politics. After his Job at the counting house he went to work at his family’s . In 1749, Samuel Adams married Elizabeth Chuckle who was his pastor’s daughter. She gave birth to six children over the next seven years but only two of them lived to adulthood. Samuel Adams wife died In child birth but he remarried In 1 764 to Elizabeth Wells.

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They had no children together. In 1747, Samuel Adams was elected to his first office. He served as one of the clerks of the Boston Market. In 1756, he was elected tax collector by the Boston Town Meeting. In 1 765, the Boston Town Meeting appointed him to write instructions for Boson’s delegation to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. December 16, 1773 was the Boston Tea Party which Samuel Adams played a leading role in. A year after that in 1774, Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence afterwards becoming a moderator for the Boston Town Meeting.

In 1789, Samuel Adams was elected Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. He served until 1793 where he became acting governor. He retired in 1797 after his ending term of governor and died from what is now believed to be essential tremor at the age of 81 In October 2, 1803. He was burned In the Granary Burying Ground In Boston. Samuel Adams was an accomplished man during his lifetime. He greatly changed American history. Without his constant protesting and influence, not to mention his signing of the Declaration of Independence, America would not be the country it is today, free and independent.

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