Salem Witch Trials and John Proctor Assignment

Salem Witch Trials and John Proctor Assignment Words: 663

You are my one and only. Our two beautiful sons are the proof Of that. Salem has never seen such beauty. Until we meet again my love. Sincerely, John Mr.. Hale, They have decided that I am allowed to write you a letter. Am not writing you to convince you of the lies in this town. You are a smart man and know the corruption among us. You have influence in the court and plead with you to help the others realize the wronging of their ways, Abigail Williams has the power to decide who dies and who does not. That kind to decision should only be in God’s hands. Just all of your actions from now. John Proctor To my beautiful boys, I wish so badly to be able to be with you and your mother now. All ask of you is to keep your head held high while the town goes to shambles. Cannot lie to you; you will hear many awful things about me. You both know your mother and are very honest people. Continue With your studies and hard work and I Will hopefully be back with you two shortly. Do NOT talk to any of those girls in the court. Stay far away from the lies and God Will lead you two where ever your heart desires.

You will be in my deepest thoughts. I know I have raised two very strong sons. Judge Detonator, I have written and rewritten this letter to you Sir. In your eyes, you are doing what is best. I cannot change a man’s mind and way of thinking, but give you this to think upon. Why would I speak to myself as an adulteress with Abigail Williams if she was not a liar? She will do anything to see my wife and I dead and buried She is full of anger Mr.. Detonator, and the corruption her and her friends have caused should be ringing bells in your head as all lies. Dead with you to recognize such dishonesty. Their tales will just become more and more ridiculous as each trial progresses They are the reason all of this has come about. Abigail drank the blood of a chicken. She has started it all. Hope God stays With you through this all. Reverend Paris, I am allowed to write you this letter from the jail cell your niece has confined me in. You know the girls started this hysteria that night in the forest, and you know Abigail drank blood and danced naked like a child doing witch craft.

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Deep down n your heart you are just simply trying to save yourself because you are too far into these lies that plague Salem, Reverend, you can stop all this madness by speaking up and saying the truth. Innocent people are dead and many more will be if this doesn’t stop now. For the sake of the towns people and your guilty conscience, please stop this. Abigail, I have so much to say but no words to express all my thoughts, You already have me in a jail cell, do not go after my innocent wife. Our affair was wrong. Shouldn’t have lusted after such a young girl, but that is in the past now.

There is no you and I. We both know you have the power to stop this hysteria. You drank the blood Off chicken to conjure up spirits. If anyone should be hung, your neck should be in a noose right now. Have never felt so much hatred in the entire world until now, towards you. You Will continue to cause terror and you Will continue to get pity from the towns people, but you will never feel my touch again. Would rather be dead than to breathe the same air as you Abigail. You will surely go to hell for all the sins you have committed.

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