Evolution of John Proctor Assignment

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As the Salem witchcraft trials had started to emerge, John Proctor did not seem effected by the situation. While he meets With Abigail, he has a feeling that she is lying to him he tries to brush her off by saying, “Baby, may think of you softly from time to time, but I will cut off my hand before reach for you again. ” (Miller, 1359). John Proctor did not want to have to get involved in something that did not necessarily involve him.

His first move seemed to be to try and deny her and stay away. Another situation is when Proctor is talking to his wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth interrogates him about the witchcraft trials but Proctor denies that he has anything to do with them and to try and save the girls. As John denies his association with the situation, he starts to dig himself deeper and deeper in his lies. Without realizing it, he starts up an argument and that decision of lying sets up a new playing titled tort more lies.

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When Proctor tries to roll with the punches and just tag along in the lies, he starts to realize the situation is getting out of hand and tries to fight back. As the trials go on, Abigail decides to try and get Elizabeth Proctor to become her newest target to frame. John Proctor takes action and finally reveals the truth that the girls are all frauds. Blitz as he is telling the truth, the townspeople and the rout jury are so caught up in the girls’ lies that do not believe a word he says.

John Proctor’s attempt to try to make the court believe that he was telling the truth he decides to tell the truth and say that he “knows” Abigail by saying, “Baby, may think Of you softly from time to time, but Will cut Off my hand before I reach for you again”(Miller 1361). Proctor was desperate enough to dent in his own reputation to try and convince the judges that he was not lying. But little does he know he just created another battle field for arguments that are too much for him to handle. As Proctor tries to deal with his emotional conflict, he decides to give up.

When Proctor and his wife discuss what is to become of all the commotion they have been through, Proctor debates whether he should confess and say that he is guilty of witchcraft, or deny and protect his name. Proctor had a sense of negativity and had a feeling things were not going to turn out in his favor. It was apparent that he was already calling it quits. After John had signed his contract of being guilty, he rips it and confesses falsely to be hung. The weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He does not have to worry about his reputation and all he drama that may have come with him if he signed guilty.

Through the emotional reallocates and turmoil, John Proctor could finally be at peace with himself, As the story comes to a closing, John Proctor is in a satisfied mood. He went from being oblivious to the vole situation and somehow got brought into IL With his kind nature he tried to help the girls out by acting as if he did not know of What was happening, but instead dug himself deeper into a hole he could not dig himself out of. As he realizes how difficult of a place he is in, he gives up. But although he gives up, he was able to die at peace With himself.

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