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What significant reason did the Japanese choose to start a war with the United States? How did the surprise assault affect the surroundings of Pearl Harbor? The quotation of “issued Potsdam Declaration” had Japan to surrender, even if they did surrender why are the United States still deciding to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki? How has the results of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing affect the lives of the survivors?

What would happen if America wasn’t part of WI? The retaliation of the Japanese had the world concerned by the oppression of military actions and to reveal power during the modern era (1 ass’s). The strategy of the Japanese empire was to focus on Pearl Harbor, located in Hawaii, by a Surprise assault in the morning. The purpose was to prevent the U. S Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions in which the Japanese empire had planned in SEA (South East Asia) against England, Netherlands and the U.

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S . This event had caused the vengeance of the U. S to repel the damage caused at Pearl Harbor with the atomic bomb towards Hiroshima ND other regions of the southern Japan. This was to show the extensive pain dealt during the ironic engagement. World War II was a global war that began from 1 939 to 1945 that changed the world. The ambition was power, the source of superiority and imperialism. These factors have affected on the results of war in which relates to the event of “The Attack on Pearl Harbor”.

The outcome of this event was catastrophic and dreadful that both nations have inflicted extensive damage and earned a major lost to both sides. The attack on Pearl Harbor affected WI in many horrendous ways. During the WI there was a war between Germany and the Nazi’s lead by Doll Hitler where he was the icon of Imperialism. This shows that The United States had to face the presences of the 2 major events of the Japanese Empire and The Nazi’s proportioning imperialism and had to put an end towards it.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor event occurred due to the “ongoing estrangement between the Navy and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was due to by the statement of terms that was not followed correctly in the operations of the U. S which they kept as a secret and lead to the final solution of retaliation by he Japanese. The campaign of this war began in the morning at am ironically approached by the Japanese. However the activeness of “Pearl Harbor is not on a state on high alert” but was on the verge offer.

Many artilleries, Military aircrafts and resource had been completely destroyed and remain the fewer weapons that the Americans could use and operate. There were 3 waves of attack that began from “shortly before 8 am on Sunday’ till they finish by their purpose interfering with the Japanese activities in which concluded the assault of Pearl Harbor. One primary source from a university student name Robert W. Broadway was present during the attack and had wrote the experiences faced into his journal.

The reader had highlighted the significant of the authors experience which was the “Japanese Attack” that woke him up at am by the “loud booming”. Robert was astounded that he saw the naval base with Battleships, Aircrafts and Artilleries blazed by missiles, launchers and torpedoes that the Japanese had thrown. The quotation “Our forces are supposed to be dealing with the situation” explores his point of view that emphasis the soldiers to be vulnerable that being attacked does not mean that they should not attack but o endure the rapid attack approaching.

This source from a student is considered as a citizen that portrays their point of view from the scene being suspected. As the result of the naval base at pearl Harbor; it was utterly thrashed and desolated as many young brave soldiers die by the hands of an enemy’s blood. This impact has listed the approximate lost during the attack that the news went viral about the event where citizens would be anxious by their predictions of a surprise attack. The “list includes 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians killed, with 1 178 wounded. Included are 1104 men abroad the

Battleship US Arizona killed after a 1,760-pound air bomb penetrated into the forward magazine causing catastrophic explosions”. Now the Japanese assaults have been completed, The United States along with Great Britain have declared war in order to return the damage dealt at pearl Harbor. President Truman during the WI era had “issued the Potsdam Declaration” which meant that the Japanese have surrendered in July 26, 1945 because they believe the United States will launch their staggering force of Brutality into their lands as it will be extremely painful to endure.

The Potsdam Conference was held at Berlin Germany where the country surrendered to end the “European conflict of World War II”. However it does seem the Japanese Empire had raised the White flag of surrender does not conclude Trauma’s decision to let the damage dealt at Pearl Harbor to fade. The Japanese understood the Ultimatum as if any circumstances they choose not to surrender, the termination would lead the country to face the brutality and a major lost which was stated above. Secretary of War Henry L.

Stemson had established a decision that the atomic bomb would be the “least abhorrent hooch” that will be dropped above the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as its priority and weighs the value the lives of honorable soldiers attacked without a trace. Also the military advisers spoke to the President about the “Potential loss of about 500,000 American soldiers” which if he does not take actions, the result will be greater than the previous. The Atomic Bomb code name “Little Boy” will be the first to benefit the values of superiority and power that the U. S has to offer at the Japanese Empire in the location of Hiroshima.

The day of destruction has arrived on the date “August 6, 1945 at :15 AM Tokyo time” where it will cost hundred thousands of lives at stake and develop American and Japanese History. Little Boy the uranium atomic bomb dropped from the centre of “Japan’s seventh largest city’ and in seconds the city detonated into a bulky mushroom cloud shape which “half of the city vanished” that coated so many innocent lives due to war. The amount of lost was extremely elevated; in fact the majority of people who were living in the city are gone by an instant when the blast occurred.

Nevertheless the results of the Hiroshima is definitely devastating which the mage shown above portrays sympathy about the lives gone within the radiation blast of the bomb and accordingly to the U. S estimates amount of lives vaporized “60,000 to 70,000 people were killed or missing, 140,000 were injured many more were made homes as a result of the bomb”. Not only the city became isolated and wiped out, but those who were fortunate enough to survive all looked beyond different from a neutral human being.

The appearance of the people that survived according from the survivors note explains that “they all have skin blackened by the burns… They had no hair cause their hair was burned, and at a glance you couldn’t tell whether you were looking at them in front or in back”. The form of language spoken by the sun. ‘ivory does not show any exaggeration on the behalf of his words but is the reality that he experienced and met many people that would collapse to the ground ironically dead. Not only the atomic bombing applied towards Hiroshima but Nagasaki was the next priority.

Different results occurred as the terrain of Nagasaki had impacted on the atomic to lower the results of deaths but were still devastating that an estimate of 70,000 people had died n the city from a population of 270,000. The aftermath of WI between The United States and Japanese had to agree on a peace agreement where the future benefits of conflict will never result ever due to the era is aging into the nuclear era and if war occurs during the nuclear era, the possibility of destroying the world would be extreme.

In addition if The United States didn’t attend in WI, The Japanese and The Nazi’s icon of imperialism would seize and capture many foreign lands under their commands which is related to the domino theory during the Vietnam war as it defines if that if the suborning country falls down, you go along with them too but yet was the right decision to take part and end the both nations immortality.

In conclusion, I truly believe that if this war had never occurred or Pearl Harbor was never attacked, the tragedy at Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have no lives involved to be wasted but it did happen when the 2 atomic bomb had been dropped which coated many lives but was a trade from the Americans perspective of losing valuable and brave soldiers.

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