Pearl Harbor Assignment

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Pearl Harbor was a day that ultimately changed history by causing Americans to join together in the war effort. It was a day that united the whole country in the war effort. Before this attack, there were small rumors, and few signs of war support. After the morning of Pearl Harbor, the support for the war became unanimous. The attack ensured America’s entrance into the war. Not only was the media all over it, Pearl Harbor made Americans passionate bout the war and provoked a joint effort by all, at home and overseas.

On that fateful morning, Deck. 7, 1 941, everyone united. People not even related to the military’ in any way, helped to load and clean weapons, wounded men fought on, doctors far away rushed to the scene and when donations were needed, donors stood in line for almost seven hours to do their part. Only a few hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan formally declared war against the United States. The sentiment Americans felt is best explained y the words of fleet Chaplain William A.

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Maguire: “Don’t say we buried our dead with sorrow. They died manfully. They were buried manfully. And we will avenge their deaths, come what may. ” pearl Harbor infuriated Americans and motivated an undivided decision to enter into World War II. On Deck. 8, 1941, the United States joined the Allied Powers, officially making the U. G’s presence known in the war. The outcome of World War II may have been entirely different if the United States had not joined the Allied Powers.

Without the elf of the Ignited States, Hitler could’ve easily taken all of Europe and possibly further. The United States implemented the draft and all men from age 1 8 to 45 were included, creating a way to supply over 16 million troops. All automobile factories in the United States stopped production of cars and began manufacturing only vehicles and planes for the war. Women went to work in factories to make war supplies and some even joined the armed forces. Pearl Harbor changed the course of History not only for the United States, but for the world.

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