North or South: Who Killed Reconstruction? Assignment

North or South: Who Killed Reconstruction? Assignment Words: 392

Many people resisted in the South, so it was difficult to carry out the new ideas of Reconstruction. Rebuilding the United States was not an easy task because it soon ended in 1877. Reconstruction is the process of rebuilding or reorganizing of something. Both the North and South contributed to the end of Reconstruction; but southern resistance did the most to end it. Northern neglect was one of the reasons that had ended Reconstruction. “Weary of the ‘Negro Question’ and ‘sick of carpet-bag’ government… North began to turn against Reconstruction policies” (Little).

The North grew tired of ring to get the South to help Freedmen. In an article called The Death of Reconstruction: Race, Labor and Politics in the Post-Civil War North, 1865-1901 , by Heather Cox Richardson, she wrote about how blacks were uncivilized people. They assumed it would take time for ‘them’ to learn the methods of the white people. Northerners started to focus on their own concerns such as the Panic of 1873, which was the loss of millions of jobs; even the president turned away from the problems of Reconstruction. Southern resistance also, had a big impact on the end of Reconstruction.

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In letter, a man named Albino Torture wrote about the UK Klux Clan’s actions in the south. Torture served as a judge in North Carolina and he believed the Klan was after carpetbaggers, such as Torture himself. The ASK is made up of many ordinary people; lawyers, doctors, and farmers. They threatened and killed anybody who supported Freedmen and Reconstruction. They even intimidated people as they voted. In a picture found in Harpers Weekly in 1876, it showed white southerners forcing a black American to vote for the Democratic Party. Whites who did not support Reconstruction ensured not to remit Reconstruction in the south.

Southern resistance was what had caused the end of Reconstruction in 1877. They threatened Freedmen, Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, and Radical Republicans. The South resisted so much; the North could not support Reconstruction any longer. The ASK was constantly killing people who favored Reconstruction, and the North was losing hope. The Klan wanted to end Reconstruction and stop African-Americans from joining the white society. They killed people in public to show they would not back down, and the resistance from these people made Reconstruction a struggling task.

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