Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Assignment

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Assignment Words: 233

Advanced Academic Writing The wide attention of critics to Hemingway “Indian Camp” can be attributed in compare two secondary sources: “Hemingway Primitivism and Indian Camp” by Jeffrey Meyers, and “Dangerous Families and Intimate Harm in Hemingway Indian Camp” by Lisa Tyler. Both Meyers and Tyler explore the theme of masculinity and Hemingway biography. The story introduces the theme of masculinity in the context of giving birth in an

Indian camp. Although childbirth typically concern women, Hemingway turns it into a male-dominated situation and shifts the focus to DRP. Adams, who performs a Cesarean operation, and to the husband’s suicide. Both Tyler and Meyers examine this masculine focus of a typically female endeavor-??childbirth. Tyler refers to DRP. Adams role as the person who passes on values and shape perceptions of masculinity and especially how to respond to a women suffering to his son- Nick.

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Meyers, on the other hand, refers to the Indian husband who feels responsible for the male sexual behavior during the birthing that contaminates his wife and “cannot bear this defilement of his wife’s purity “, therefore follows his primitive values and customs and “punishes himself for the violation of taboo”. Both secondary sources cite Hemingway biography. Tyler uses Hemingway biography in order to demonstrate how Hemingway own relationship with his father extends to the interactions between Nick Adams and his father.

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