Conservationism vs. Environmentalism Assignment

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The ethical side of misinformation is ;we should use the Earth for human gain, and should not let it go to waste. ‘ On the environmental side, the ethics Of ‘we should not use the Earth, and should protect it for its beauty. ‘ Conservationists say we should use the Earth for our own benefit and environmentalists say we should not use the Earth to save the Earth and for human benefit. Conservationists view the world as a business opportunity but also understand that the Earth needs to sustain our children, grandchildren, and so on.

The use of the Earth’s natural resources should be used for “the greatest good to the greatest number for the longest time. (Gifford Ponchos) Why let a river just flow by without making use of its current for power or for production? A great example of this is the Proctor and Gamble plant in Monoplane, Pennsylvania. My brother works at this plant as an engineer with Bounty paper towels. This factory sits beside the Susquehanna River and intakes water from the river to make their paper products (no dam or blockage is used in this process).

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After they have used the water for this process they discharge it back into the Susquehanna River. My brother has told me that the water that they discharge into the river is at least cleaner than the eater the factory intakes. In this case, Proctor and Gamble is not only using nature to benefit their factory but also giving back to nature by cleaning the river water. I feel that it is important to classify if a person is a conservationist or a environmentalist because it tells someone where their true motives lie.

Although, I believe it is possible to be apart of both categories. A scenic water fall for example, I understand the beauty of that and would hope that most people would as well. But in an place that is not as beautiful and breathtaking, I also understand the thought of using nature for human gain. In the present, I feel that it is important to utilize nature for economic gain. I also feel that certain views and scenes should be left alone for they are too beautiful to tamper with.

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