Mlk and Malcolm X Speeches Assignment

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MLK and Malcolm X Speeches The two speeches “I have a dream” and “The ballot or the bullet” are very powerful. They both fought for African Americans rights and were written by two important civil rights leaders, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Although King focused on peace and tranquility and Malcolm more to force and violence they both protested for freedom for the blacks. Within the two, they both used repetition throughout the speeches. King repeated to the audience that he had a dream in order to persuade his audience that there was hope to a brighter future and to continue to strive for it.

As Malcolm repeatedly stated that this speech was not about him or his religion but about what everyone, African Americans, should be focused on and that being freedom. The two shared some similar characteristics however they were not alike. In the speech, “I have a dream”, King used a non-violent approach and it had the ability to not only influence people of color, but also people in different positions. Dr. King’s efforts caused a movement worldwide, lessening the segregation gap between black and white Americans. He made discrimination become small and brought “we” the people together.

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Malcolm X wanted to end all the racial discrimination of the nation, but instead of encouraging the nonviolence motive he told the African Americans that they either needed to take control are watched it beat them. He gave the people an insight that they had a choice either “the ballot or the bullet”. Between the two, “I have a dream” is closely aligned with the African American Spirituals because they both focused more on being free in a more peaceful manner. The spirituals were words of hope as well as King’s speech.

They both portrayed for better days without the cause for violence. MLK’s speech tone was more of determination and passion. King continuously used words like “One day…” and “I have a dream…” in spite of hopefulness. He believed strongly that one day justice would be made and America would come together. Malcolm X tone was more aggressive. The speech was more of demanding for a better life. He states, “It isn’t that time is running out — time has run out! ” Malcolm was basically saying that in order to get freedom we must take action.

In conclusion, both speeches had almost the same rhythm. When I listened to both speeches each did a pause after certain phrases, so that the people could understand the meaning more clear. The words left somewhat of a chill through my body. They both allow me to see how determined a person can be in any situation. Through these speeches I have learned that whatever it is that I should never give up for what is right. I am thankful to be able to reread history of such powerful words and used them today and in the future. WORD COUNT: 483

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