John F. Kennedy Assignment

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Who is the speaker, and what is his significance in history? -John F. Kennedy was the president of the united States during the Cold War and had changed history today. He was a resemblance of Martin Luther King Jar. And Malcolm X because he was fighting for the African American rights and striving for people to understand that all men are created equal and we should not single anyone out no matter what race or color. -Martin Luther King Jar. Was one of the most Important voices of American call rights movement, which worked for equal rights for all.

He made people realize that “all people are created equal. ” He influenced African American community, and surprisingly the White community which brought them together. -Malcolm X had strives to encourage the African Americans to stand up for their civil rights and make them understand that they can do whatever white men can do. 2. Compare the main ideas of each of the three speeches. What do they have in common and where do they differ? -John F. Kennedy’s speech was addressing towards civil rights; he was striving for equal rights for African Americans.

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His speech was broadcasted on television and the radio which had also lectured towards segregation and moral disadvantages place on African Americans. -Martin Luther King Jar’s speech had used repetition, unlike the other two speeches, to catch the audience attention and to make people understand and see what he was striving to achieve. -Malcolm Ax’s speech was also striving towards the African American community for equal and civil rights. But one thing that Malcolm had used was that he used many examples to attach the audience’s attention such as: bring matters into their own hands. . Who was the intended audience for each man’s speech and how does that affect the way it was worded and delivered? -John F. Kennedy’s speech was intended for people who didn’t believe in equality and wanted nothing to do with equal and civil rights. He also intended it towards colleges who wouldn’t allow colored people to apply to the colleges. -Martin Luther King Jar’s speech wasn’t intended towards every race, culture, religion, and etc. He wanted all to hear this because he knew that people loudest agree with his beliefs.

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