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Dear Mrs.. Hankies and classmates, Good Evening everyone. My name is Geraldine but you can call me Gerri. I am 30 years old, and a single mother of three wonderful children. I’m from the village of Deeded but was born in Emus, Cavity Philippines. Some of my favorite things are the color pink, eyebrows, makeup, nail polish, eBay and Pinsetters. Eve always had a passion for creating artworks or ads using the programs such as Photos and Illustrator. I have been working at Island Telephone Directory for four years as an Account Manager and this year I was gently appointed as Senior Account Manager. gently found out that will be trained to maintain our company website and also our upcoming mobile application. Some Of many goals I WOUld like to achieve are to graduate from college, obtain a job as a graphic artist or someday take over my boss’s job as the Creative Director and to provide a better future for my children. This would be my third semester at Guam Community College and I’m majoring in Visual Communication. I graduated from John P. Kennedy High School in June 2003 and a few months later welcomed my son, Rice Anthony. Ever imagined myself as a single mother and yet alone to have a child at such young age but I did. Rice was less than a year old, when I decided that my relationship with his dad is going nowhere. With no money and car I decided to move back to my mother’s house. It took me Cow months to finally get back on my feet and start over again. I never took Rice’s dad to court nor ask for child support because I believe that if you’re a responsible parent, then oh would support your child without being told to do so.

Three years passed and we welcomed my daughter, Jadeite Lynn. I met Jadedness father a few years back through a friend. We never intended to start a relationship because he did not want to be with someone that has a kid. Our first year together was one of the hardest years ever. One day we’re together and the next day we are broken up. I remember at one point that wanted to give up on a relationship and just focus on my kids. Then I did and as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” he came back.

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Since then we learned to accept that we couldn’t change who we are for another person but our self. We’ve been together for over ten years now and w??eve welcomed another baby girl, Lauren Lynn, four years ago. Everyone has their own hopes and dreams; mine would be for my children to grow up as responsible and strong minded individuals. I may not be perfect, but when I look at my children I know that I got something in my life that’s perfectly right.

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