Middle Ages and Chivalry Assignment

Middle Ages and Chivalry Assignment Words: 293

Love your country. 5 Show no mercy to the infidel. 6 Do not hesitate to make war with the infidel. 7 perform all your feudal duties as long as they do not conflict with the laws of God. 8 never lie or go back on one’s word. 9 be generous to everyone. 10 always and everywhere be right and good against evil and injustice. Chivalry started to evolve once the Crusades were finishing. The code of chi Valor also changed from the aspect of following the church to the aspect of being loyal to your lady and courageous in everything you do.

There is a saying that says Chivalry is dead, but believe it is only partly dead in some places of the world. In most civilized parts of the world men try to be chivalrous in his life. Although not everyone knows what chivalry is. Those who do should practice it more often in their lives. The reasons I don’t think chivalry is entirely dead are because it is still practiced throughout the world. Although most people don’t refer to it as being chivalrous. Most people just consider it as being a gentleman or being courteous and kind to others.

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So to answer the question is chivalry dead? Would have to say no. It is not dead but it is not exactly seen as chivalry anymore. Not all people are as “chivalrous” as others which can lead to misconceptions that they are ungentlemanly like. Although not everyone is kind or courteous to others. Can everyone agree that chivalry is not dead but only partially dead? No, the answer to this question is based on your views of your surroundings and how you act around others and even when alone.

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