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It was one of those tough times for the American people, being innocent but got accused for holding on the Communist. McCarthy is still known as personal attacks by promiscuously allegations without evidences (Dudley 266-267). Starting off with the first Red Scare, nationwide fear of communists, which all came during World War l, unpatriotic people were suspected and from this, the Red Scare took on after the war. First major strike that built up the fear was in Seattle, and then in Boston, followed by many other strike attempts were uncovered leading to more fear of the Reds, symbolizing unpatriotic people.

Hysteria took hold of hunting down the Reds and many people were suspected, imprisoned, and many lost their jobs. However, from the beginning in 1 919, the fear subsided and ended in summer of 1 920 (Burnett, http://WV. Law. Muck. Due/ faculty/ projects/pitfalls/spaces/redstart. HTML). The beginning of this ‘McCarthy’ key term was from Senator Joseph McCarthy, a Republican Senator from Appleton, Wisconsin (1908-1957). He was a World War II veteran and often called himself the “Tail gunner Joe. ” He claimed he had completed 32 missions when he had only a desk job and some training exercises during WI in the U. S. Marines.

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He was elected to the Senate in 1946; originally he was a supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal but failed to become the Democrat Party candidate so he switched to the Republican Party instead. McCarthy first few years were unimpressive, people were claiming him for lying about his war record and at the same time, he was also investigated for taking bribes. As unimpressive, as he was afraid he would be defeated in the next election and it resulted for his allegation speech in Wheeling, West Virginia on 9th February 1950 (McCarthy, http:// www. Asparagus. Schooner. Co. UK/Schismatic’s. HTML; Schultz, http:// s. Story. Wise. Due/whist 02/structures/lecturers. HTML). The beginning, on 9th February 1 950, McCarthy gave a speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, claiming 205 Communists was working in the State Department (Mass 37). He continued his denunciation until, “March 8, 1950, subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, headed by Maryland Democrat Senator, Millard Tidings, was authorized to investigate McCarthy accusations. ” From the investigations done, of 81 suspected, only 41 were found to be employed by the State Department at the time and later, none was found to have loyalty for the Communist Party (Dudley 267).

The targets that he censured were on the Democrats associated with New Deals policies of the 1 9305 since he had once failed to be a Democrat candidate. Also to the books he thought was non-American in libraries, which he had ordered to be taken out. (McCarthy, http://www. Asparagus. School net. Co. UK/Schismatic’s. HTML) Towards the ending of Senator Joseph McCarthy, President Dwight Eisenhower was elected and he was furious of McCarthy accusation of the military. It was McCarthy downfall, denunciating the United States Army.

President Eisenhower told his Vice President, Richard Nixon to also attack McCarthy. He gave a speech referring indirectly to Joseph McCarthy on 4th March, 1954: “Men who have in the past done effective work exposing Communists in this country have, by reckless talk and questionable methods, made themselves the issue rather than the cause they believe in so deeply. ” On December 1 954, McCarthy was officially censure by the U. S. Senate with a vote of 67 by 22. He died three years later in 1957, discovering that he had lived in fear behind his accusations, which had no facts and was baseless.

It was concluded that charges of Communists by Senator Joseph McCarthy were false (Dudley 267-268; http:/Maw. Asparagus. Choosing. Co. UK/USA McCarthy. HTML). As a result, the word ‘McCarthy’ was given for this period of false allegations. McCarthy is referred as the anti-Communist fever, the reckless accusations, the guilt by association, and the Second Red Scare. It was like a blind period, people went wild being afraid of the Reds although the first Red Scare was about 40 years back and had subsided in just a year.

Non-Communist people were suspected that they were one of the unpatriotic people of the nation by words of people who were just too scared to be blacklisted or imprisoned or even punished for not cooperating with the Communist hunting. The truth behind all McCarthy SUCCeSS during these years of Communist listings and hearings was he had some great supporters. The Republicans, the Catholics, the conservative protestants, the blue-collar workers and especially, Joseph Kennedy, the father of John F. Kenny, the 35th president of the United States.

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