Anit Communism and Mccarthyism Assignment

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Senator Joseph McCarthy action contributed to the era of McCarthy and Anti- Communism. This paper will discuss the difference between McCarthy and Anti-Communism and how the media covered them. Other topics discussed will be the American foreign policy decisions impacted by anti- communism and how Americans’ lives changed because of the Red Scare. The Cold War was a major event in the history of the United States. The Democrats and Republicans fought amongst each other to prove who opposed communism the most which produce anti-communism during the late sass and early sass.

McCarthy originated from the actions of U. S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and lasted around 10 years. Senator McCarthy accused many Americans of being communists or communist sympathizers who were disloyal to their country because of their political beliefs. His actions combined with the communist expansion and Korean War brought on fears that led to a new Red Scare. McCarthy played on the fears of the people to obtain a higher political standing within the United State Senate.

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According to Chills, a reporter for the Washington post, states that “Robert La Foliate was attacked and smeared by communists who hated him because he stood for what they hated (Washington post, 1950). La Foliate watched the development of McCarthy and was beat out by Senator McCarthy during the Republican Primary in January 1 950 (Washington Post, 1950). ” Anti-Communism is the opposite of communism, those who oppose communists. Senator McCarthy was one of familiar faces of the anti- communist suspicion movement during the tensions of the Cold War.

He claimed there was a large number of communist inside the federal government. His tactics lead him to be discredited and censured bathe United States. Anti-Communists were a coalition that attracted many groups and a movement of political rights. The group was formed to bolster social and economic programs and eliminate communists. Anti-Communists wanted to expose and oppose the treat of communism. Organized anti communism developed in reaction to the growing popularity of communist and took many forms during the 20th century’ (Wisped, 2009).

Conservative monarchists in Europe fought against the first wave of communist revolution during 191 7 to 1922. Fascism and Nazism were based on a violent brand of anti-communism they incited fear of communist revolution in order to gain political power and aimed to destroy communism in WI (Wisped, 2009). The media played an important role during the Cold War. The media allowed people to know what was going on in the united States and around the world. People are dependent upon the media because the communication can be made on a large scale to others around the world.

In an article found in the Washington post, Senator McCarthy tries to stand behind the words of the constitution to legitimate his action because according to the constitution under article l, section 6, clause 1, “During his attendance at session of the Senate, and while he is going to or returning from the capitol, he can not be arrested except for treason, felony, and breach Of the peace” (Washington post, 1950). Since he was a member Of Congress any speech or debate in either House shall not be questioned in any other place.

People who read this article were able to formulate their own opinion of Senator McCarthy and understand what he stood for. In another article that was published in the Washington post claimed “McCarthy had undermined the foundation of America and has impaired the national security. The article also discussed how McCarthy had bred disunity, fear and confusion among Americans” (Washington post, 1950). The media issued numerous publications to inform the American people of what hey needed to know. The media has influenced the minds of the Americans, making them hate communism and eventually the hatred spread throughout the nation.

The United States conflict with the Soviet Union helped shape the American foreign policy. The U. S. Foreign policy was dominated by the Cold War. The united States defined the new policy a containment, which opposed the spread of communism. During the Cold War the U. S. Wanted to limit Soviet Union influence and was involved in the Korean War along with the U. S. Allies to overthrow the Iranian government. By the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1 991 , the United States had military and economic interests in every region of the globe.

Two authors of the US Defense Department prepared the Defense Policy Guidance, which showed the post-cold war framework on how the US foreign policy would be guided. The collapse of the Soviet Union marked the start of the Gulf War against Iraq. After the Gulf War a lack of new strategic vision for the IIS foreign policy results in missed opportunities. The United States cutback on the foreign policy budget and focuses on domestic economic prosperity. After World War l, people were in a state of paranoia. The Red Scare was actions taken by the legislation, the race riots, and the hatred and persecution of objectors during this time.

The Red Scare expressed real and legitimate concerns about communist subversion in the United States. According to William O’Neil, anti-communism was a serious, intelligent and patriotic movement, despite its excesses” (O’Neil, 2009). The Red Scare was a widespread phenomenon that affected almost every area of American life. In conclusion, since the McCarthy era and the Red Scare, Americans have become very cautious not to repeat the mistakes of the past, but will they always remember this or forget and keep making the same mistake again.

I believe Americans have learned to a certain extent but history always repeats itself. Anti-Communism and McCarthy can be found within politics today, such as during the presidential election McCain claimed Obama to be Communist because Of what he stood for and that if Americans elected him president they would be supporting a communist. The media plays a very important in history and how news is spread worldwide. I have also discussed the foreign policies and how many Americans have been affected by the Red Scare. References: Brinkley (2007).

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