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Although these communities were being completely victimized, few people were willing to take action in order to UT an end to these laws of segregation, as the majority of the public disregarded these problems. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Was a major leader in the American Call Rights Movement as he guided African Americans to gain social equality; an American birthright. Despite the narrow-mindedness of others, King obtained the many attributes ideal to lead the African Americans through the most dulcet of circumstances. Through peaceful persuasion, he was able to communicate with others and influence those who dreaded the future.

The strictness of the separation between African Americans and Caucasians was put into attention and people living ender the system of segregation soon had established a determined belief of racial equality. As King was faced with many obstacles In his path, such as being imprisoned and experiencing many close to death situation due to attempts of assassination, he was driven to continue on in spite of all the consequences. Through his continuous determination, he displayed his everlasting commitment to his community as well as his high standards.

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The African American society was given segregation and racial intolerance that existed in the united States, along with everywhere else. As he challenged the laws of segregation and racial discrimination, Martin Luther King Jar. Proved himself to be a compelling force through being persuasive, determined and committed. During the twentieth century, the majority of the African American society had ignored the unsympathetic treatment towards their race because they were trained to accepting the laws of segregation. Martin Luther King Jar. As subjected to racism early on In his life and his morals of racial equality had come Into existence. He believed that everyone should have equal rights and he made attempts of improving life for African Americans. Not long after he graduated from college, King became a minister and moved to Montgomery, Alabama. He became a prominent speaker in the American Civil Rights Movement and displayed his high morals through non- violent protests. To Martin Luther King Jar. , all human beings had equal rights, no one is socially higher or lower than one another, and therefore, everyone should be treated with equal respect and dignity.

Through protests, King makes himself known with his strongly held convictions by stating, “He who passively accepts evil is as much Involved in It as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. ” (Ares 207). Through peaceful laws of segregation, an attribute that the majority of the African Americans had lacked. He brings to realization the hatred African Americans must tolerate throughout everyday life and expresses that this behavior presented towards African Americans was unbearable.

King expresses to the public the importance of living life accordingly to one’s morals and values by choice of popularity polls and majority rule. He was alarmed by the silence of the honorable people. He explains hat an individual who keeps unspoken blindly accepts inhuman treatment and is allowing the treatment to be continued on with. He brings into public interest that one must stand up for what they undergo is morally accurate to live life accordingly to their personal preferences as opposed to being told how they are to live their life.

Through this, many African Americans began to develop the same ideals as Martin Luther King Jar. And the American Civil Rights Movement was pushed off the canvas as it began to advance towards social equality. Furthermore, Martin Luther King Jar. Displayed continuous determination as he popped to eliminate laws of inhumanity. Although he encountered several different obstacles and consequences, Kings strong belief was his motivation to advance in his search for social equality. During the summer of 1964 in Harlem, King experienced his first displeasing rejection as he was stoned by African American Muslims.

Despite the fact that he was fighting for equal rights for African Americans, there was a small fraction of African Americans who were against his beliefs. Some people were unwilling to believe it was in any way possible for a new way of life to be established or a person of color. Martin’s secondary motivational force was the doubt of those living for and under the Jim Crow laws; that he will be able to establish and secure rights of equality as he guides the African Americans in a positive, non-violent protest.

Martin once mentioned that, “… The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward Justice. ” (Carson 321). Martin feels that his vision was much superior to the constricting bonds of injustice and intolerance. He predicted that the American Civil Rights Movement would be a declaration of truth for African Americans relied and would stop at nothing less than finding truth for all people. In addition, Martin was nearly killed when he was stabbed by an assailant in Harlem. He saw these acts as acts of disbelief.

Although numerous people were disobliging of his movement, he was determined to discharge the laws enforced first and foremost because of their race. Many individuals felt strongly against Martin’s beliefs and were willing to do anything to stop him from succeeding as he was faced with several attempted murders. Martin Luther King Jar. Displayed continuous determination as he as aware of the dangers of continuing to make every effort to diminish social inequality. In spite of it all, Martin Luther King Jar. Exposed his eternal commitment as his faith and courage extended beyond his colliding vision of racial understanding.

Though many people were doubtful of his thoughts of defeating segregation and racial discrimination, he gave people the courage to believe that it was possible to free the inequality African Americans were forced to live with. As a victim of inhumanity, Martin demonstrates that one living a life of constant discrimination and actualization does not have to accept it. During his earlier years, his father strongly it. ” (Carson 8). Through the words of his father, Martin’s beliefs began to generate. He felt that he should not have to compromise with laws that disregarded his happiness.

Instead, he set to bring out equality for people worldwide. Martin understood that the best tactic to liberate the laws of segregation was to protest in a non-violent manner. He put into consideration his followers and wanted to prevent the injuries and deaths a violent protest would bring about. As he used non-violent protests, King UT his supporters on a moral high ground and the cruelty of the Caucasians became clear. By doing so, King obtained many supporters as they saw he was truly committed to finding a resolution to the problem they have been faced with throughout the centuries; racial prejudice.

Martin Luther King Jar. Was one of the most influential leaders of all time. He symbolized an enormous undertaking as he puts himself responsible for the individuals and circumstances encountered in the effort to secure fundamental rights of American citizenship. As he made a brave attempt to create harmony among al people of all different cultural backgrounds, King displayed a number of the most important moral principles. Without the moral acts of Martin Luther King Jar. , the laws of segregation would have not been misplaced as early as they were.

People of the centuries were far too frightened to rebel against the racial discrimination and laws of segregation, for they feared the consequences of acting on what they feel is morally accurate. King was a courageous man because of his rebellion against the laws of segregation and frequent demonstration the importance of his wisdom and oath. He spoke with great pride to change the philosophy of African Americans; to unite as one to create equality amongst all men and women of all religions and races.

As people witnessed the courageous accomplishments of Martin Luther King, they were inspired to do the same. The American Civil Rights Movement grew to a mass number and gained passages of the Civil Rights Bills of 1964 and 1965. Conclusively, Martin Luther King Jar. Proved to be a compelling force through being persuasive, determined and committed as he challenged the laws of segregation and racial discrimination. Through peaceful persuasion and his original way of thinking, Martin was able to encourage African Americans the beliefs that racial prejudice is intolerable and lead the public in a positive path.

King was constantly determined and his strong ideals motivated him to disregard the consequences and be guided by his prime focus. Martin Luther was enduringly committed to his community and put into consideration the best way to fight for equality in a civil manner. By doing so, he created a chain reaction and the movement was able to progress in an immense means. Martin suspects that the lives of those who face everyday prejudice will not improve unless someone makes a drastic and pervasive change in society.

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